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Download Windows 7 SP1_Refresh ISO Service Pack 1, 6.1.7601

* * * * - 22 Votes

Links to the SP1 Disks are below. The 'Download' button above has the Service Pack 1 documentation.

Note these are the latest "refresh" versions of retail/upgrade ISO's as found on Technet/MSDN and these links are completely LEGAL.

Also, they have the same MD5 from technet, so they include KB2534111 which is in Solor's pack.

Please do not message me to ask if i have an ISO in your language, i don't have any links for them. If i did then i would of added them in here. You can always integrate your language into these ISO's if you can't find your language.

Do not under any circumstances ask for serials, cracks or anything that will break the forum rules.


http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58857.iso X17-58857.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x86 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58859.iso X17-58859.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58866.iso X17-58866.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58868.iso X17-58868.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58871.iso X17-58871.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58874.iso X17-58874.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58877.iso X17-58877.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58879.iso X17-58879.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Spanish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58996.iso X17-58996.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x86 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-58997.iso X17-58997.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x64 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59007.iso X17-59007.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x86 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59009.iso X17-59009.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x64 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59183.iso X17-59183.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59186.iso X17-59186.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59192.iso X17-59192.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Finnish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59194.iso X17-59194.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Finnish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59195.iso X17-59195.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59197.iso X17-59197.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59212.iso X17-59212.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Italian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59215.iso X17-59215.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Italian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59229.iso X17-59229.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Norwegian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59231.iso X17-59231.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Norwegian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59233.iso X17-59233.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Dutch
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59236.iso X17-59236.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Dutch
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59246.iso X17-59246.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Portuguese
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59247.iso X17-59247.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Portuguese
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59271.iso X17-59271.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Swedish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59273.iso X17-59273.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Swedish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59295.iso X17-59295.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Chinese
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59297.iso X17-59297.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Chinese
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59299.iso X17-59299.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Korean
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59300.iso X17-59300.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Korean
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59318.iso X17-59318.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Danish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59320.iso X17-59320.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Danish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59323.iso X17-59323.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 German
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59327.iso X17-59327.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 German
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59335.iso X17-59335.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59337.iso X17-59337.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59344.iso X17-59344.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Finnish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59346.iso X17-59346.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Finnish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59348.iso X17-59348.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59351.iso X17-59351.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59364.iso X17-59364.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Italian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59366.iso X17-59366.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Italian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59380.iso X17-59380.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Norwegian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59383.iso X17-59383.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Norwegian
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59384.iso X17-59384.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Dutch
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59387.iso X17-59387.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Dutch
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59395.iso X17-59395.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Portuguese
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59398.iso X17-59398.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Portuguese
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59418.iso X17-59418.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x86 Swedish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59424.iso X17-59424.iso Windows 7 ProfessionalN x64 Swedish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59463.iso X17-59463.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x86 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59465.iso X17-59465.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x64 English
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59477.iso X17-59477.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x86 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59479.iso X17-59479.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x64 French
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59883.iso X17-59883.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 Danish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59891.iso X17-59891.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 Danish
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59885.iso X17-59885.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 German
http://msft.digitalr...n/X17-59886.iso X17-59886.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 German


More links at the bottom of the page (link)



What's New in Version Service Pack 1, 6.1.7601 (See full changelog)

  • *KB2534111 is a hotfix which fixes �Computer name cannot contain only numbers, may not be identical with the user name and cannot contain spaces. Retype the name of the computer� error when installing Windows 7 by using Windows 7 SP1 integrated installation media. The error happens when user sets the Time and Currency Format setting to a locale other than English, Finnish, German, and Swedish during initial installation, or the locale was selected before the computer is purchased, and then a computer name that contains non-ASCII characters is entered in the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) Wizard.

Many thanks! Works fine!
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these are very useful links. thanks :)
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Jun 28 2012 07:02 PM
Gracias! .... thanks
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Hey, I wonder why there is no german version of Home Premium x64 with SP1 integrated.
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thanks ...............
jj echeverria
Aug 29 2012 09:58 PM
can a windows profession MAK key be used on windows ultimate
curious, how often do these get updated ?
Genial, gracias :D

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