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  1. Thx for reporting mooms. I have opened a ticket regarding this issue. Nik
  2. Does that mean I was a bad admin?
  3. What is wrong with you? This is not MSFN... Welcome to WinCert T-1. Regards, Nik
  4. IPS don't have that in plan. The only solution would be a plug-in which isn't available for now..
  5. Hey mooms, thx for reporting. Sorry for not replying to you earlier. I will check it out. Regards, Nik
  6. Welcome Lego, glad to see you online
  7. Great work, site is much faster now!
  8. You're not on Telegram either?
  9. Sorry to hear that Rick. I have tried to contact you via PM, but it seems that your mailbox is full.
  10. Hi Max, please try now. Regards, Nik
  11. Hi Maxtorix, can you please try now? You should be able to have Signature link above Twitter link in Account Settings.