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How to disable Welcome Screen in Internet Explorer for All Users

If you have the need to disable Internet Explorer welcome Page for All users here's how you can do it:

It can be done on  a local machine using registry or Group Policy for wider distribution.

Open regedit from the Run prompt and navigate to the following section:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | Software | Policies | Microsoft

Create Internet Explorer folder and under it Create Main folder.

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How to disable Adobe Reader Add-On via Group Policy

If you want to prevent opening of PDF documents within the browser you can do this manually on each machine by opening Internet Explorer | Settings | Manage add-ons

As you can see Adobe PDF add-on is not visible, not even if you select to show all add-ons

Therefore, in the left pane under Show select 'Run without permission'

Select Adobe Reader and click Disable.

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JW_SIG_NAVTIP or CLICK_TO_ENLARGE messages when using Joomla Simple Image Gallery Plugin

If you are using Simple Image Gallery plugin for Joomla 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5 you might have teh following issue.

On published image thumbnails you can see "CLICK_TO_ENLARGE" message instead of "Click to enlarge"

Also when you click on the image from the gallery a pop-up is opened with the following message "JW_SIG_NAVTIP" instead of navigation tip.

The reason for this is because 2 .ini files for Simple Image Gallery plugin have couple of capital letters and if you are using the Linux Web server you have a problem.

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Normal.dotm issue - This file is in use by another application or user

One of my users reported issue with normal.dot template issue when closing Word 2010.

Each time user tries to close the document in MS Word 2010 he gets the following error message:

"This file is in use by another application or user. (C:\Users.....\Normal.dotm)". Followed by a prompt to save a new template version of Normal.dotm. 

To fix this here's what you can do..

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How to configure Pre-Launch app or Instant App Access on Xenapp 6.5

Here's how to configure Citrix v6.5 Pre-Launch or Instant App Access.

Login to your XenApp server and open Citrix AppCenter.

In Applications view right click on the application that you want to configure for pre-launch and select Other Tasks - Create pre-launch application.

You will notice that a new application will be created as in the picture below:

Have in mind that Application settings for Pre-Launch application are just copied from the Published Application. So, if you change anything for the Published application, you will also have to change this for the Pre-Launch application or just re-create Pre-Launch application.

To make sure this is working, try to login with test user and once you login to Web Interface server, you should automatically see a newly created session for Pre-Launch application.

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