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How To Change an IP address, Gateway and DNS, WINS servers using command prompt


Changing TCP/IP settings using the GUI property is fairly simple. If you have to change IP address settings using CMD to automate the process, here's how to do it:

To change an IP address and DNS server setting using the built-in utility in Windows called “Netsh” we'll do the following:

Run Netsh click on start then RUN and type CMD press ENTER.

When the command prompt comes up type Netsh, now you should be ready to execute commands. For a start, type “interface ip show config“ that will show up the TCP/IP network settings.

To change the Local Area Connection TCP/IP settings including an IP address, subnet mask and default gateway, type the following command:

interface ip set address name=”Local Area Connection” static

As you can see, we changed the network properties for “Local Area Connection”.

Changing the DNS IP address is almost identical as the procedure above, type the following command on the Netsh prompt:

interface ip set dns “Local Area Connection” static

To setup a secondary DNS type the following:

interface ip add dns "Local Area Connection"

To Setup WINS, type the following command:

interface ip set wins “Local Area Connection” static

To set the network properties to obtain the IP address from a DHCP server, type the following command:

interface ip set address “Local Area Connection” dhcp

To set DNS to obtain IP address automatically type the following:

netsh interface ip set dns “Local Area Connection” dhcp

If you want to use the batch script to automate this process you can do the following:

netsh int ip set address "Local Area Connection" static 1



How to remove the Symantec icon from the tray in Citrix session

Here's how to remove the Symantec Endpoint Protection icon from the tray in Citrix session.

Open registry editor on Presentation Server or XenApp server where applications are published.

Create a new DWORD (32-bit) key.


Name of the value: SeamlessFlags

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Value: 0x20

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Error Parsing the server when using vSphere on Windows 7

When you attempt to run the VSphere client on Windows 7, the following errors are received and you are unable to proceed any further:

“Error parsing the server “<server name” “clients.xml” file.” - once you click OK, you get the following message:

“The type initializer for ‘VirtualInfrastructure.Utils.HttpWebRequestProxy’ threw an exception.”

As I am running Windows 7 x64 version I will use 'x86' after every Program Files line. If you're using x86 bit version of Windows 7, remove the 'x86' part.

You should first obtain a DLL, called system.dll from a non-Windows 7 machine with .NET v3.5 SP1 which resides in the following location:
%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\  directory.

or you can download it from HERE. MD5: 86601F6A08C75A16D4D0509CB31EE318

Once downloaded, copy the file in “C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\lib” directory.  If the ‘lib’ directory doesn’t exist, create it and copy the file in it.

Now, you should edit the “VpxClient.exe.config” file which can be found in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher” directory and add the following lines to it (right above the </configuration> line.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<developmentMode developerInstallation="true"/>

Open Windows 7 ‘System Properties’ click the ‘Advanced’ tab and then the ‘Environment Variables’ button . We will add a new system variable.
Create a new ‘System’ variable called ‘DEVPATH’ and assign the following variable value:
C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\Lib

You're done! The VSphere client should be working now. If you still experience issues, try to run it as an administrator.

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Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot Open the Outlook Window

Today, once I've installed my new OS Windows 7 RTM with Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview and have configured all of my mail accounts, I've tried to delete some un-needed .pst file. Well, that was a mistake, once I closed Outlook I got Blue Screen and PC restarted, I tried to start Outlook and soon after the splash screen it showed an error:

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot Open the Outlook Window”

Even after uninstalling and repairing Outlook 2010 using the Office 2010 set up, the same error occurred. Outlook failed to start even in the safe mode when this error occurred. I have also tried to remove Outlook profiles and all .pst files, create new ones, but with no luck.

This error is due to the problem with Outlook navigation panel which is failing to start and this could be due to many reasons like improper shutdown of Outlook.
The fix to this problem depends on the issue with Outlook. You can fix this issue using the methods mentioned below.

1. Open Start menu and Click Run (Windows Key + R) and type Outlook.exe /resetnavpane. Now try opening outlook, if the issue was due to navigation panel, resetting it would solve the issue. If the issue is still not solved, try step 2.

2. Run the Inbox Repair tool in Outlook- Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) is included in the Office CD and is a tool to repair issues with Inbox personal folder (.pst) files. You can check the Microsoft KB article 272227 for more details on this.

It is most likely that you can solve this issue using Step 1.


Can't receive mail from one domain using Hotmail

If you've stopped receiving mail from some domain using Hotmail account, that domain is probably blacklisted in your account configuration. I've though that this can't be done if you don't select the specified domain as 'junk'.

Unfortunately, it happened automatically for one domain, from which I was receiving a lot of valid mails.

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