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How to shut down Windows 8 Operating System

Since the old Windows Start menu is gone for good with Windows 8. You might have found it akward to shut down the Windows 8 Operating System.

There are several ways to shut down the Windows 8 system and we will show you three ways that can be used.

1. Hover with your mouse to the upper right or lower right corner of your monitor. Now pull your mouse vertically up or down to call the Dekstop Charms Bar. Now click on the Power button and choose the desired action from 'Sleep', 'Shutdown' or 'Restart'. This is also the slowest way to do the shutdown of Windows 8.

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How to stop iTunes from automatically downloading Apps

After I have re-installed my machine, iTunes with each iTunes start, it starts to download all applications that are not located on my computer from Appstore.

To prevent this, please do the following:

Open iTunes | Edit | Preferences | Store 

Deselect Apps checkbox.

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IPSEC fails to start with Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified

One of our VMware guest servers started to behave strangely. After the restart machine could be pinged successfully but during the "Apply Computer settings" phase, machine looses ping with the message that one of the services failed to start.

I have checked event log and there was a huge number of error events with the following information:

IPSec, Event ID 4292

The IPSec driver has entered Block mode. IPSec will discard all inbound and outbound TCP/IP network trafic that is not permitted by boot-time IPSec Policy exemptions. User Action: To resotre ull unsecured TCP/IP connectivity, disable the IPSec services, and then restart the computer.

When you try to start IPSec service manually, you will receive the following error message:

Could not start the IPSEC Services service on Local Computer.  Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."

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Error number 2320 - Citrix Receiver Configuration Manager: No value could be found for (Allow Hotkey)

I have received the following error on my Citrix Receiver when I tried to run the published application:

Error number 2320, Citrix Receiver Configuration Manager: No value could be found for (AllowHotkey) that satisfies all lockdown requirements. The lockdown requirements in force may be conflicting.

Citrix Receiver was normally working, so I can't tell what has caused this behaviour.

I have tried to shutdown Citrix Receiver on my client machine and shutdown all other active Receiver processes, but without luck.

To solve this error a small registry change needs to be done.

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How to change network location type in Windows 8

During configuration of Windows 8 machine I have noticed that I wasn't asked (or maybe I was) to choose the network type for my current network. By the type of network I mean options like Home(Private), Work or a Public network.

With this selection you are automatically choosing the proper Windows firewall profile.

Unfortunately my network was automatically configured as a Public network.

As you can see from the picture below, Public network is not clickable so I can't change it.

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