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Windows 8 Metro Apps are not working over Proxy Server

If you're using Windows 8 behind a corporate proxy server, you are probably unable to use Metro apps online or even update Microsoft Security Essentials that is now integrated in Windows 8.

Resolution is fairly simple..

Configure your Proxy settings in Internet Explorer.

Open Command Prompt under Administrative privileges (Run As Administrator) and type the following command:

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How to add another mail account to a Windows Mail Metro app

If you would like to add another Windows Mail account to Mail Metro app please do the following:

Open Mail application from the Metro screen | Call Windows Mail Charm using Win key + C | Go to settings | Accounts

Click Add an Account to add additional account to Windows Mail Metro app


Can't transfer songs to iPhone

If you have experienced issues where you were unable to copy your songs/mp3 files to your iPhone device using drag and drop feature, here's what you need to do.

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone. In the left pane click on the iPhone and make sure that Summary tab is selected.

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Complete list of Windows 8 shortcuts

Here is the complete list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that will help you faster access to various items on Windows 8 machines.

Windows Logo Key - Start Screen (Metro)

Windows + C - Opens Charms

Windows + D - Shows desktop

Windows + E - Opens Windows Explorer

Windows + F - Opens File Search in Charm mode

Windows + F + CTRL - Find Computers on a Network (applies to AD)

Windows + H - Share Charm

Windows + I - Settings Charm

Windows + K - Devices Charm

Windows + L - Switch Users (locks the system if the machine is part of a domain)

Windows + M - Minimizes all Windows (desktop mode)

Windows + N - Opens new One Note side note (if applies)

Windows + O - Lock screen orientation

Windows + P - Projection Options

Windows + Q - Search Charm

Windows + R - Run

Windows + T - Sets focus on taskbar and allows you to cycle through running desktop apps

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