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i posted a little batch code a while back on this thread. it was meant to step by step do as the tutorial instructed, nothing more. but as time went by and i created more and more installers i frequently found myself in need of a little extra in terms of options and possibilities. so i threw together a little more complicated batch code to take advantage of some free software to help with the job.

some of what it offers:

- installation or portable setup

- x64 & x86 builds

- manages it's own path in system PATH

- two convenient entires in the extended context menu

- default settings in ini file

- config.txt templates in sections of ini file

- predefined environment variables for config.txt templates

- customized sfx modules and possibility to add as many as you'd like

- upx compression of sfx modules before executable creation

- 3 ways of selecting a RunProgram / ExecuteFile / AutoInstall

> by passing it as a parameter to batch

> by using templates and calling them with switches

> by a switch that tells the batch to look for a config.txt in the target folder

- either way the text in query will always be auto encoded to utf-8

- can run verbose, or silent / hidden

- can create all exe binaries from all jobs to one selected folder

- can create a .md5 file along with the binary

- but most importantly, i.m.o; the !compile.cmd batch and configuring

it to hold all your other commands, 3d-party tools, compilers etc

to work in pre/post sequence of making the sfx binary. if you get used

to it compiling your software and creating a simple installer is done in a jiffy ^_^

suggestions, are most welcome! you can read the help file here

all files + my compressed project can be found here

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


  • 20.04.2014 - v.1.1.1
  • - fixed: script error with config javascript.
  • - fixed: forced alignment of some cmd outputs.
  • - removed: error script.
  • 21.04.2014 - v.1.1.2
  • - fixed: envupd compiling error.
  • 22.04.2014 - v.1.1.3
  • - added: final error script.
  • - added: new color script
  • - added: new ini config script
  • 23.04.2014 - v.1.1.4
  • - fixed: install script
  • - updated: ini config script
  • 24.04.2014 - v.1.2.0
  • - fixed: side-by-side configuration for $FX-Creator custom x86 sfx module
  • - fixed: version info for all x86 sfx modules
  • - updated: all codes
  • - updated: beautified console output
  • - added: internal calls as standalone scripts
  • - removed: extended replace regex switch

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