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  4. IrfanView 4.51 Silent Español x32

    thank you luis for 4.51
  5. [Slim] .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 (2-27-2016)

    NET Framework 4.7.1 Full x86/x64 (1-13-2018) b By ricktendo,
  6. [Repak] Adobe Shockwave Player

    Adobe Shockwave Player Silent Install
  7. [Repack] Mozilla Firefox 53.0 beta 1 [Multilang]

    Mozilla Firefox 59.0.1 Silent Install Arabic AIO Silent English AIO Silent French AIO Silent
  8. Adobe Flash Player Silent Install Windows Vista, 7, xp AIO FOR Windows 8 and 10
  9. [Repak] Universal Extractor

    Download | "Gora Mod" modified by By VandIT [Repack] Universal Extractor koros mod ricktendo 2-25-2018 pea.exe 0.64 TrIDDefs.TRD 24/02/18 3-5-2018 Exeinfo PE TrIDDefs.TRD 05/03/18 3-17-2018 UniExtract.exe lunzip.exe 7zip.* TrIDDefs.TRD 16/03/18 Download | "Koros Mod" modified by By VandIT Download | "Bioruebe Mod" 2.0.0 Beta 4b modified by By VandIT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Parameters for unattended installation /VERYSILENT /LANG=Spanish Supported languages Dutch,English,French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish Additional tasks /TASKS="desktopicon,pin
  10. [Repack] Java SE Runtime Environment 8.0.1210.13 [Revision 1]

    Java SE v8.0 update 161 [x86/x64] [Inno/Silent]... -In x64 OS install both architectures -Silently uninstall any previous version before install -To Silent install use /silent or /verysilent command -Installer Multilanguage -Ideal for WPI
  11. ChrisPE - a PEBakery Team release

    Complementary Scripts updated to v2.0 to make them compatible with new improvements on ChrisPE-Develop: Free Applications Pack containing 25 scripts with very useful applications. Propietary Applications Pack containing 4 scripts for software you must own and provide by yourself and have the appropriate Licence from Author in order to be able to run them, this are: CalculatorPlus Ghost Ghost Explorer Acronis TrueImage 2018 Please read this before download. alacran From ChrisPE Team
  12. ChrisPE - a PEBakery Team release

    [by "Misty"]: A Develop branch has been added to the ChrisPE project on github (see here). Main changes since the first update - Settings > Tweaks - option K] Font(s) added. This will currently add the segoeui.ttf font to the build - fixing an issue in Windows 10 based WinPE where italic fonts are displayed for icons and in other areas. Note - this has already been applied to the Master branch. Settings > Recommended - Network option removed from this script and moved to a seperate script (see below). Settings > Network - new script. This has been split from the Settings > Recommended script. Includes option to set the ComputerName. Enabling any of the options in this script will add Unattend.xml to the root of the \ChrisPE.Files\ISO.ROOT\ folder and will add an entry to run wpeinit.exe from winpeshl.ini. The unattend.xml file includes an entry for setting the default screen resolution to 1024x768. . This will probably not make any difference if using Windows 8 or newer sources, but should if Windows 6.1.7600/6.1.7601 source files are used as these sources default to low screen resolutions. Applications > TightVNC Server script added. This includes an option for automatically starting TightVNC Server during the WinPE boot process (automatically initializing the network). All Applications scripts can now be executed post build by using the Run Script button. Finalise > Subst - new script. Use to run subst to assign a virtual mount point for the media used to boot ChrisPE. Drivers > Drivers - new script. Experimental Driver integration support. Get WAIK Tools is used to download DISM - ensure that your firewall is configured to allow access to GWT.exe. In addition to the above, a new method has been introduced for adding program shortcuts for any applications that are not encluded in boot.wim - when the Include Program in boot.wim option is disabled in the Applications scripts. Shortcuts will now be added to the menu system used in the selected shell. The PEBakery Team
  13. Last week
  14. Change Citrix License Server via Registry View File This registry key will change the license server on your XenApp servers. Please have in mind to change the "server name" part before applying this key to your XenApp servers. Submitter NIM Submitted 03/17/2018 Category Citrix  
  15. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This registry key will change the license server on your XenApp v6.5 farm servers. Please have in mind to change the "servername" part before applying this key to your XenApp servers.
  16. Use AddOn Creator INTL to create IE8 True AddOn with last update
  17. Luna Royale Theme True AddOn

    See in google drive link in my signature
  18. Same situation here win7 x64. Update KB4088875 was proposed earlier this week. I didn't install it yet. Now I recheck WU and get the KB4074598 (2018-02 Security Monthly Quality Rollup) presented.
  19. Yes, that's why I left previous UL in first post. Once again, a wonderfull update !
  20. Awesome! Thanks! The x64 link can be deduced from the x86 link: http://care.dlservice.microsoft.com/dl/release/0/1/7/017702EB-0977-42A9-A1A9-593DFC1150EE/14.0.4763.1000_ProfessionalPlus_retail_ship_x64_en-us_exe/ProfessionalPlus.exe Unfortunately, it doesn't work that simple for other languages...
  21. @rhahgleuhargh My Work PC (from the beginning installed with ConvP-method) is updated with KB4088875 without issues, on my wife's laptop (HP factory installation, from the beginning updated with WU), WU requested KB4075211 and I updated it today in that way I describe in my previous post (KB4075211, KB4091290, KB4088875), I was forced to do so. Anyway I can't remember, if it was so since the patch-day or if it has changed. I didn't reach my brothers in Italy yet to update their PCs, so I can't say, how is the situation there. All my new installed VMs or real HW have the "strange" behavior. Because of my wife I do not have at the moment the possibility to test 4-5 hours undisturbed, so it will take a couple of days until I can do intensive test again. Thanks for the new ULs and have a nice weekend.
  22. Hi, I found a couple of different solutions using the virutal agent and a link for Office 2010. I wrote up my findings here. https://www.howson.me/recover-office-installer-purchased-through-hup/ The link for office 2010 (home use program users which is also in the article above) http://care.dlservice.microsoft.com/dl/release/0/1/7/017702EB-0977-42A9-A1A9-593DFC1150EE/14.0.4763.1000_ProfessionalPlus_retail_ship_x86_en-us_exe/ProfessionalPlus.exe Thought I would share it with the community.
  23. @Thiersee Since a few monthes, at each cumulative update some old updates are requested, but if you ignore them and redo a search some days later, all is OK. Maybe it's due to the time needed to fix WU queries ? All my machines are updated with KB4088875, so I can't test, I don't have any info if this update was deleted (it doesn't at this time). At my work all computers have been updated with it yesterday (Windows 7 enterprise). Updated ULs uploaded. I left previous february ULs in case of !
  24. Now the last report from me: After installing with the February-UL I do not get KB4088875 requested anymore, I don't know why. 1) After install, restart and search I get only KB4075211 (Preview, released on 22.02.2018) requested. 2) I install this one and after restart and new search I get sometimes KB4091290 ("repair" of KB4075211 and released on 01.03.2018) plus KB4088875, sometimes KB4091290 plus 4 old patches: only after installing this 4 patches I get finally KB4088875 requested. As I said: I do not really know why ! BTW: DeepCleaning after this procedure almost 1GB!
  25. icare [13 Mar 2018] SFX Microsoft

    Salut icare, RAS sur mes machines virtuelles avec ta nouvelle version. A noter qu'avec ta version précédente, aucune MAJ de DNF n'avait été demandée ce mois-ci.
  26. En général, ça se calme au bout de quelques jours !
  27. Du coup je n'ose plus faire un nouveau deepclean, à tous les coups ils ont encore merdé et ça va les nettoyer/réinstaller en boucle
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