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  2. @pennsylvaniaron No problem, for the fun I'll try an integration with an english ISO next week, I'll report the results. I suppose you are using En-us ISO ? Usually I only use the steps explained in the tutorial, I don't record the settings in WTK (only my tweaks). concerning ULs, I keep previous downloaded KBs and only download new ones and delete automatically superseeded. @Thiersee Needed updates for non-english systems were usually those for IE11, but why not ? Answer next week.
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  4. Update: Updated 7za and the sfx module. The setups are no longer renamed, the config file is now dynamically generated. The Binary folder has been renamed to setup, so it's clearer. Themes are now to be placed in the Themes folder. The AddOn is no longer created by default. It is still possible to create it if desired. Added error and success messages. In-depth review of the script. Removed the executable, the script is open source and I prefer.
  5. WinRAR x86/x64 SFX & AddOn Maker

    Mise à jour du script: Mise à jour de 7za et du module sfx Les setups ne sont plus renommés, le fichier de config est généré dynamiquement. Le dossier Binary a été renommé en setup, c'est plus clair comme ça. Les thèmes sont maintenant à placer dans le dossier Themes. L'AddOn n'est plus créé par défaut. Il reste possible de le créer si on le souhaite. Ajout de messages d'erreurs et de succès. Revue en profondeur du script Suppression de l’exécutable, le script est open source de fait et je préfère.
  6. Win Toolkit

    stuck on loading WIM...won't let me close the window
  7. rhahgleuhargh I am NOT as versed as you and thiersee with using WTK and making the iso as you well know. All I can say when doing the English version (as thiersee points out) that after the new monthly rollup gets integrated in my system WTK then DOES integrate 2533552, 2603229, 3046269 and 3177467, even though they are not in the 43 or so updates getting installed. WTK shows this at the bottom of the screen where the integration messages pop up 1 after another. Since I saw WTK integrating them I figured why have them in the silents list, where I have removed them. Naturally it will save time when doing a new installation. It might be the exact steps I take using WTK and making a new iso??? As I said I use my prior months preset minus the new updates. Then when adding all the new updates from the NEW ul, a screen comes up with those 4 known kb issues. I check them all so that WTK put them in the silents. I do that so they do NOT get included with all the updates. I then go to silents and remove them. Maybe doing it that way somehow "tricks" WTK into integrating them somehow even though nowhere to be found? What I am saying is that they are not needed in the silent list doing it this way. However they are still needed. How that differs than just including them in the entire update list (by not checking them) I don't understand, but I was told from way back to have them in the silent list. Now that I have probably confused you, (sorry), please respond. regards...
  8. WinToolkit v2.x Development

    As many 'good' projects, the bird is flying far away
  9. Not working on Windows 7

    @Iago Bruno Gurgel You can click the "Confirmar" button to proceed to the language selection.
  10. There have been some updates in the past still necessary for non english-languages; may be this is the reason. You install in French, he in English.
  11. @pennsylvaniaron I uninstalled KB2603229 and KB3046269 in my virtual machine, rebooted : they are asked by WU. I left KB3177467 for the reason explained upper. These KB are still needed !
  12. Not working on Windows 7

    @Jan Krohn, i would like to say "Thank you so much!" or better "Dankeschön!". You saved me... I was stuck on that white screen and couldn't find the solution anywhere. Then i just came here and found out the following instruction: "Double check that TLS 1.2 is enabled in internet settings." I really don't know how it was disabled, because i never use this Internet Settings. But it helped me and solved my problem. Then: After: Thanks again. PS: i'm using Windows 10 x64 version 15063.540
  13. Last week
  14. Not working on Windows 7

    Hello, is not welcome, download the image, when I put to choose the version does not appear anything!
  15. @icare Merci pour l'info. J'ai vu que tu avais mis à jour le DNF 4.7 Je ferai un test avec cette nouvelle version la prochaine fois ! @pennsylvaniaron I'll check this when I'll have some time next week. I'm surprised for KB3046269 (not replaced in WU catalog website) and KB3177467 (this one solved the WU bug that made 100% UC usage when searching new updates). KB2603229 was needed only for x64. For KB2533552 you know the answer !
  16. Bonjour, KB4035036 facultative contient KB4033996 pour le DNF 3.5.1 de W7 SP1 et KB4033990 pour les DNF 4.6.x et DNF 4.7. @+
  17. Bonjour, version 2017-08 du DNF 4.7 : KB4033990 (remplace KB4024848) Monthly Quality Rollup de Aug 2017 incluse dans KB4035036 facultative. Les dll de la KB4019990 ne sont plus incluses dans cette version. Elles sont incluses dans la mise à jour mensuelle de W7 SP1. Toutefois, des problèmes probablement liés à WU persistent : la KB4035036 facultative reste demandée tant qu'on installe pas la KB4019990. Merci de vos retours. @+
  18. [Tool] DX Tool x86/x64

    Already updated Added the GUI UPX and 7-Zip SFX Tool Ciao a tutti.
  19. DXTool Beta

    Aggiornato, aggiunto GUI UPX e il 7-Zip SFX Tool Ciao a tutti.
  20. update version please and the link for mega is unavailable
  21. WinCert Forum default skin

    Agreed! That's massively better.
  22. WinCert Forum default skin

    I've edited the forum skin now to match the Blog colors. It looks much better now, just my 2 cents
  23. WinCert Forum default skin

    Thanks Nik for getting this done! The new forum features are great. Having lost the customized theme is a bit unfortunate (and largely my fault, as I triggered the forum software update...) Anyway, obviously, we can't have both. And a good community doesn't depend on the forum colours.
  24. Dear members and visitors, we have managed to restore the default theme on Wincert forum. If you still have theme issues please respond below. This new version of the forum has an option to change the default view of the forum. Along with the traditional forum index table view, you are now able to change it to display forums as cards in a grid: or Fluid: A simpler dynamic listing topics with a forum filter box. We hope you like the new forum features. Regards, Nik
  25. Hey, can you reupload the package, please?? I want that games back!! Heheh
  26. Hello, do you still have the files?? It's because the link doesn't work. Can you reupload it, please?
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