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  1. Helmi

    IEPro 2.4.8_Addon

    2.4.9 is out: http://ie7pro.com/
  2. Helmi


    Thanks, very kind of you!
  3. Helmi


    Unfortunately, Rapidshare continues to be inaccessible due to high demand. Would you consider hosting (or mirroring) the files on a different host next time? Esnips always seems fine to me and seeing as you use it to host your other stuff already...
  4. Helmi

    [Addon] NirSoft Suite 2009-12-29

    Unfortunately, I'm getting a "File not Found" error when trying to download.
  5. Helmi

    [Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

    AddOn link dead, Silent Installer link still works...
  6. Do you need the F6 functionaliuty to load mass storage drivers during Text Mode setup phase? If so, you may want to slipstream the driver(s) directly into the CD/DVD, thereby eliminating the need to supply any drivers via floppy disc. DriverPacks can help you with this task.
  7. Ja, nutze die Post-$OEM$-Methode, das sollte genau sein, was Du suchst. PS: Dies ist nach wie vor ein englischsprachiges Forum, bitte respektiere das. Die internationalen Forenmitglieder werden es Dir danken (und Dir dann auch sicher eher helfen k
  8. Helmi

    [Addon] IEPro v2.4.5

    Hey, I really like your addon! Only thing I'm missing is international language support. Although the settings menu gives you the option to download a language packet, it does not seem to work after you have ripped the language files, somehow. Anyway, my suggestion is to put those files back in (shouldn't blow up the filesize by much) so this addon is among the evergrowing group of international addons on this forum. While English is no problem for most users, not everone uses an English OS and a unified language of OS and apps is what I call aesthetic
  9. Helmi

    WPI - nLite - RyanVM - HFSLIP

    Same here! Stuff I always want in (like Update Packs, Kel's CP addons, stuff I can't live without (Taskbar Shuffle, QT bars etc.) and some minor tweaks and fixes) I use nLite for, the rest (also big apps such as Nero, Office etc) WPI. Much more convenient, plus, I don't have to install everything when I'm just doing a test run (but I don't want to miss the aforementioned apps even then!).
  10. Hey, I was wondering whether it's possible for you to update this to the new version 11? Or could I simply replace files inside the archive with the newer version? TIA!
  11. Helmi

    [Addon] Kel's lite addon v5.2

    Mememe, if that makes you feel any better Anyway, why was HashTab dumped? Did he mess it up again?
  12. Helmi

    [Request] Samurize and Rainlender

    Rainlendar is already available (from Rick, I think), just run a search for it on the forum.
  13. Yeah, well, the two files from XP were indeed missing, I simply overread your request for them Anyway, thanks for your work, gonna try this on my next disc and report how it goes.