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  1. Cipherfx2

    Win Toolkit

  2. Cipherfx2

    Discard image and rebuilding?

    Happy Birthday...
  3. Cipherfx2

    Discard image and rebuilding?

    on version 1 or 2? just wanna know since I'm on my (android) tab, couldn't download for a spin test...
  4. Cipherfx2

    [Repak] VMware Workstation Lite 12.1.0-3272444

    Seems I'm also having problems with adf.ly and so with 180upload.com , is it possible to have a mediafire mirror...
  5. Thank you so much :dancing: ... going to test it in a few hours :type: ...
  6. THANKS, I was just a bit confused when I followed your video using VMware, but already manage thru VirtualBox... Trying to manage to change the default theme but no luck, do I need to do thru answer file? a bit off-topic: I installed your .net slim thru sysprep, image it then check thru vm if its installed then everything is ok but when I try to go back to KUC to install WMF, KUC reported that .net is not installed?
  7. I followed your video on "Preinstalling Applications and Capturing Image HD 1080" but what I didn't get is how did you captured the wim file from VMware, since it uses "vmdk"...? BTW, I'm using ver. 10 of VM Workstation....
  8. shall we treat KB2533552 as silent?, how do we integrate this? been missing a lot of info lately....
  9. Also searching for that KB# in other forum but no luck :type:
  10. Cipherfx2

    [QUESTION] Office 2013 Updates Integrated

    How about AIO Office 2013 with Visio and Project?
  11. Will you update this slim soon (not in a rush)?
  12. New hotfix? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2925382
  13. confirmed on Windows 7 Pro x86...
  14. Cipherfx2

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to one and All...
  15. Cipherfx2

    Some Updates are for SP1 as features

    I also encounter similar problem, especially those updates under Additional folder of Mcrip Repo... Hope someone could give us a hint which will be as silent installer or place as prerequisite (like ie 9) for example RDP 8; kb2574819 should be installed first prior to KB2592687