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  1. JurgenDoe

    [Update] PC needs organ donors

    poor laptops .. you're miss-using them for you as TV :type:
  2. JurgenDoe

    hello, bonjour !

    Willkommen ... Welcome ... Bienvenido
  3. Nice Videos and you learn a lot :thumbsup_anim:
  4. JurgenDoe

    Win a Free Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I'll win ... I'm lucky in that :thumbsup_anim:
  5. JurgenDoe

    [Release] Windows XP Mode Beta for Windows 7.

  6. JurgenDoe

    Windows 7 Release Candidate Release.

  7. JurgenDoe

    [Request] Donate your old PC parts

    Rick did you receive my package
  8. JurgenDoe

    vLite and 7 build 7057 x64

    There will be soon another build out so why messing around with that
  9. JurgenDoe

    Windows 7 build 7000-7100 Programs Compatibility List

    TuneUp Utilities 2009 doesn't work :crying_anim02:
  10. JurgenDoe

    Microsoft Windows 7

    Have it installed on my x64 bit PC and my lap is running the 7048 x32 bit version :thumbsup_anim:
  11. JurgenDoe

    Microsoft Windows 7

    I hope so :icon_cool:
  12. JurgenDoe

    Who is running 7 build 7022 ?

    Got me now build 7048 for my x32 lappy and installed build 7048 for my x64 PC Runs very smooth so far .... just had some problems with a few gadgets in the beginning
  13. JurgenDoe

    Windows 7 build 7000-7100 Programs Compatibility List

    Thank You :thumbsup_anim:
  14. JurgenDoe

    Who is running 7 build 7022 ?

    Don't be scared to try it out :type:
  15. JurgenDoe

    What do you think of Windows 7?

    I'm loving it ... only some gadgets don't work very well but I guess this will be fixed too ... just installed 7022 on my lap and will upgrade my big PC on the weekend with the 7048 x64 version :thumbsup_anim: