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  1. where is the link to download 1.7.10 mooms.Thanks in advance.Great news!
  2. Legolash2o don't worry dude..you are the best!!!Top of the top!We all will be with you and your wonderful work! Keep Going! All the best from me(polish guy based in Bulgaria) Cheers!
  3. Well..I found one more way to use this wonderful tool. Using DISM++ I just mount iso,than I just turn on All In One Integrator and Toolkit automatically detect that there is a mount image and start working!!!Yo can try it if you want! Cheers!
  4. Thiersee..Im not even able to download Java from the official site..seems that there is some problem in java "field" I guess,cos I don't have any explanation?Did some one else got the same problem?
  5. Chains1041.(you mean computer date and time?)If you modify this tool could please post some tip how to do it! thanks in advance!
  6. Guys..is there any chance for a new update for WinToolkit?Any rumours?
  7. mine stop...and show me a dialog box with offer for upgrade to WinToolkit 2....Strange!!!
  8. Hi..seems that WinToolkit has expired for Windows 10 .Please give us a new version Thanks in advance! Happy new year!
  9. Hi..seems that WinToolkit has expired .Please give us an up!Happy new year!
  10. Thanks for your feedback ,so as far I understand we do not have to install adobe flash any more?Wright?
  11. Hello guys,I've notice that from several weeks I'm not able to install silent NPAPI(I used to work via Mozilla),and I have to use other tools to force my Windows 10 Pro +Mozilla last vers. to accept adobe flash(again the last version)is there any solution?Thanks in advance
  12. for me is still a problem,Thiersee,could you please so kind and give me a link or more additional info about the tip how to put my own extensions in sfx ...Thanks in advance !!!
  13. the same problem here!!!Any help? Thanks in advance!
  14. Sorry mooms-it seems that im an idiot!!! everything is fine now! Cheers!Best Regards!
  15. Quite strange..the new version 2.3 doesn't work here!The same mistake like 1.3 version. The version 2.1 -made perfect job to me?Is there any chance to find 2.1 version? Thanks in advance
  17. OK !!! How long we have to wait for a version which will support Windows 10 ???? I really need this wonderfull tool! Thanks in advance! P.S._ Is there any previous build which I can use till a new version which will support a new Windows 10? Thanks in advance!
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