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  1. The component remover isn't removing packages from my Windows 10 Enterprise 1151 image. I open up the component remover and tell it remove the desired packages, but nothing happens. Why is that? How can this be fixed?
  2. ptd163

    Win Toolkit

  3. ptd163

    WinToolkit v2.x Development

    ImgBurn does everything, but it's not open source
  4. ptd163

    [Repack] MediaInfo Lite 18.05

    How is this repack different from the official installer?
  5. ptd163

    WinSXS Cleanup Experiment

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  6. You most likely did, but I just want to make absolutely sure, did you integrate the extension pack into this installer? And is it silent or have a silent switch?
  7. ptd163

    WinSXS Cleanup Experiment

    I wish you would work on it. I checked out the linked tool and most of the tool is in what I think is Chinese. I'm not sure all the Asian languages look the same to me.
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    One of my friends uses Whatbox and he's had no problems with it. https://whatbox.ca/plans
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    The bottom part is in English. Look for @non-french users :
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  11. So if your installer is the most recent, how recent is Burfadel's installer?
  12. ptd163

    FREE / HOME / PRO Editions

    I would say keep it lifetime. There will always be piracy, but Netflix, and Spotify have proven that most people will pay for convenience and quality.
  13. ptd163

    μTorrent v3.4.3.40097 [RePacked by Ruben Alamina]

    I think uTorrent was caught trying to install a crypto-currency miner on people's computers. Even if they did take out they've become bogged down by ads and other crap. I recommend using qBittorent. It's open source, ad-free, does everything uTorrent does, and is available from Ninite
  14. ptd163

    [ERROR] File corrupted when trying to combine WTK with RT7

    They don't have a forum anymore. RT7Lite was abandonded long ago.
  15. Looks interesting. I'll definitely be trying it out once Windows 10 reachs GA.