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  1. TRSyntax


    Welcome to WinCert. Have a great new year!
  2. TRSyntax

    Hi There

    Welcome to WinCert. Have a great new year!
  3. Love the new forum!

  4. TRSyntax

    Forums upgraded

    tanks NIM! I was hoping for this
  5. TRSyntax

    Win Toolkit

  6. TRSyntax

    Keep your OneDrive storage

    Take a look at this voice. It got closed yesterday ( December 11, 2015 ). If you want to keep your 15GB free space + your 15GB camera roll bonus after the new policy takes place, you can opt-in for it! But make haste, the offer must be redeemed before January 31, 2016. share the word Voice​ & Offer​​
  7. head over to v77's project page: ImDisk Toolkit and ask him instead. been some developments there. ImDisk + Toolkit as listed here has its own (I think silent) uninstaller. been a while since I looked at these codes
  8. TRSyntax

    Video Card Opinion Needed

    bphlpt! badum-tish!
  9. why is there no decent command line tool to take ownership of registry entries

  10. TRSyntax

    Problem install.wim

    do you have administrative privileges? i haven't tried gimagex but if you use DISM or IMAGEX to mount the wim, the windows folder is accessible to every user. administrators got full access while users got read, list & execute..
  11. do i want to rewrite all my code to be x86 compitable? ...

  12. TRSyntax

    can't find any info on this package

    that was not at all obvious to me internet explorer related, yes, but having forgotten windows 7 comes with ie8, this made no sense think i need to stop asking around here after being up for 30 hours. making myself look bad well thanks for the reply anywayz. night :sleeping_03anim:
  13. TRSyntax

    Component Remover

    how in the world does it uninstall the packages in windows 7 images? i get you can use the /remove switch with /remove-package in windows 8 to "remove the payload" but dism for win 7 don't got that feature.. what magic is this?? aah. so the features are packages as well now to figuring out how to get permission to remove
  14. in my windows 7 sp1 ultimate x64 image i have these packages: Package Identity : Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Optional-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~en-US~8.0.7601.17514State : Install PendingRelease Type : Language PackInstall Time : 12.04.2011 08:28 Package Identity : Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Optional-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~8.0.7601.17514State : InstalledRelease Type : Feature PackInstall Time : 21.11.2010 03:40 i can't seem to find any info on what they are containing.. i know the first is the language pack for the feature pack, but i just posted them both so i can ask some questions about them. the other packages in the image are post fixed with the correct windows 7 version (6.1.7601.17514) while this has a major version of 8.0 ?? what little i've found on the net about it is usually in some "HELP!! i can't install ie!" threads. not helping me much except giving mea solid huch that i should just leave this package be.. :no: and i can see that Lego's wintoolkit does not include the removal of this package as well.. but i wan't to know what it is! can anyone fill me in? one more question: for the above feature package as well as the "Microsoft-Windows-IE-Troubleshooters-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7601.17514"package; do i have to remove the belonging language packages which is pending to install when i remove the feature package?