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    Hi. I copied my SetupComplete.cmd to SOURCES\$OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS... Like always have done. In this Windows 10 1809, is not working. Retail image. After i make a clean install, before creating a new user, i type SHIFT+F10, explorer and go to the folder Scripts... and is not there. After creating a new user, nothing from my SetupComplete.cmd is executed. I tried with Stock image and my mod image. Same result. Any idea why is happening this? Ricardo
  2. Ricardo Silva

    Windows 7 install.esd suporte

    Thanks for the reply. Meanwhile, after my post, already got that answer somewhere. Thanks
  3. Ricardo Silva

    Windows 7 install.esd suporte

    Hi. Is it possible to add support for ESD format file on Windows 7 installation?
  4. Ricardo Silva

    can't integrate KB3125574.

    same error. Wintoolkit warns that isn't a update to integrate. i ignored, added the KB3020369 and KB312557. On my first try in x64 clean image, success. After 3 tries in x86 image, also suceeded. But unnfortunnaly, Windows 7 updates are slow and takes forever to get the updates list. I will continue to test...
  5. Ricardo Silva

    Integrate WPI in Windos 10

    same situation with me...
  6. Ricardo Silva

    Windows 7 x64 and x86 slipstreaming/integrating updates order

    Excelent topic I'm also searching for the correct and updated order to slipstream the updates. Do you know where can i search that?