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  1. Server ISO

    It's such a shame that Microsoft does not make it available through Techbench. It would be awesome if they do it someday. It's not hard to find Windows Server's ISO's around the "unofficial places", by the way. Unless you're looking for another version besides English language. By the way, thanks for the hash database, @Jan Krohn. It helped me to find one version that i was looking for.
  2. Not working on Windows 7

    @Jan Krohn, i would like to say "Thank you so much!" or better "Dankeschön!". You saved me... I was stuck on that white screen and couldn't find the solution anywhere. Then i just came here and found out the following instruction: "Double check that TLS 1.2 is enabled in internet settings." I really don't know how it was disabled, because i never use this Internet Settings. But it helped me and solved my problem. Then: After: Thanks again. PS: i'm using Windows 10 x64 version 15063.540