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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 for Windows 7

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12 hours ago, sweden8 said:

Thanks abbodi1406. Just so I understand this update correct. Which new (February) updates are included in this latest version?


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I integrate in this order


.NET 4.7.1 Addon

-.NET 4.7.1 LangPacks Addons

but windows upddate ask me to integrate


what am I doing wrong?Thanks

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Hello abboddi1406. Still some trouble here in Sweden... I set QC-key. And still I get the following KB´s 4074805, 4076492 + some oldies 3118401, 2676562 and 3123479.

Suggestions please.

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Yes I did install KB4019990. I can agree on that Win 7 WU is a mess, but this phenomena is new (started jan/feb) for me.

Anyway, thanks for a great addon. It really helps!

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On 2/28/2018 at 6:13 PM, sweden8 said:

but this phenomena is new (started jan/feb) for me

You shouldn't be too surprised. They basically screwed up amd cpus since then so you should always bare in mind that WU is not the optimal source of updates, at least not for windows 7/Server R2. Don't get so worked up about WU still offering superseded updates, just ignore them. I for one trust that abbodi is doing a fine job at compiling updated .net 4.x packs more than I trust WU's "correct functionality".

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