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an extra option for winre.wim boot.wim

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Hello everyone


This time I have a suggestion for adding an option for winre.wim instead of mount install.wim and copy the winre out and remount install.wim

all that just for winre, so can you make an option to mount this there file automatically when mount image "winre" ,"boot" ,"install"

I think this will be an a good option for WTK when try to do something with the threre file .that can be placed on the same mount

folder as boot , install , winre .

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sorry for bad explain due the bad eng .


when wintoolkit mount any install.wim mount only the toolkit mount the install.wim gow about the boot.wim and winre.wim inside the install.wim

I wish is there option to mount the three file togther at the same time , this is good for update like base update to be added to boot.wim

and any othere modfidecation .

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