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Jan Krohn

We buy used Win 7 and Office 2010 licenses to improve reliability of the downloader

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To be able to provide more downloads and make the existing selection of software more reliable, we are looking to buy the following licenses. Prices are non negotiable. The key must be able to unlock a substantial number of languages (at least 10) from the official download site. Paste your key here to verify: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7 (site can also handle Office keys.)

Software Full license Key only
Win 7 Ultimate / Ultimate N US$70 + shipping US$15
Win 7 Professional / Professional N US$30 + shipping US$6
Win 7 Home Premium N US$20 + shipping US$4
Win 7 Home Basic / Home Basic N US$15 + shipping US$3
Win 7 Starter US$10 + shipping US$2
Office 2010 individual components (Word, Excel etc.) US$25 + shipping US$5
Office 2010 individual components (Word, Excel etc.) EDU/Academic US$15 + shipping US$3
Office 2010 Personal US$30 + shipping US$6
Office 2010 Professional PLUS EDU/Academic US$30 + shipping US$6
Visio 2010 Standard US$70 + shipping US$15
Visio 2010 Professional US$85 + shipping US$18
Visio 2010 Premium US$100 + shipping US$20
Project 2010 Standard US$70 + shipping US$15
Project 2010 Professional US$100 + shipping US$20

A full license requires the original packaging and DVD (if originally included), certificate of authenticity, or in case of an ESD version, the original invoice by Microsoft or an authorized distributor (such as Amazon or Digital River). A TechG license (free upgrade from Office 2007 to Office 2010) requires the full Office 2007 license plus the original letter from Microsoft containing the corresponding Office 2010 key. Missing components of the license will lower the price we're willing to pay for it.

Shipping cost for a standard registered or signed-for parcel, as well as all customs fees will be covered.

"Key only" requires nothing except a working key. No questions asked.

Active forum members who want to sell a license may choose pre-payment by PayPal Friends/Family (without fees/buyer protection) or SEPA.

Others may choose between pre-payment by PayPal (with fees/buyer protection) or post-payment (after the license has arrived and has been confirmed working) by PayPal Friends/Family or SEPA.

Before you offer me a license, don't forget to verify that it's working on https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7. Around 99.9% of all licenses don't unlock the downloads!!!

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