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Original Wallpaper Reg Hack

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Is it possible to write a batch file or similar to automatically change the "Original Wallpaper" setting to whatever the "Wallpaper" setting is?

It's kind of annoying that when you change your wallpaper and you restart your computer you see the original wallpaper for a few seconds until the desktop loads.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

I don't know programming too well but I think it should be possible to write something like

if OriginalWallpaper != Wallpaper

OriginalWallpaper = Wallpaper

and have it run at shutdown?

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TweakUI can more or less do this already:

apply whatever wallpaper you want to see at startup, open tweakui and go to logon-->settings, check the wallpaper box (and any other boxes you want) and click the "copy now" button. apply, restart, and voila! new startup bakcground.

youll have to do this every time, which shouldnt be a problem unless you change your background constantly.

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I am familiar with TweakUI. I do change the wallpaper frequently!

I would like something to do it For Me when the computer shuts down.

Regedit is just as easy as finding what you're looking for in TweakUI.

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