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  4. AIMP v4.60, build 2153 (13.10.2019) Player: the "resume playback position on app startup" option has been added Common: localizations has been updated Sound Engine: replaygain - analysis quality has been improved Fixed: general - an error occurs on app close if the album art / lyrics search task is active in background Fixed: sound engine - scratches can be heard during volume changes if the "loudness compensated volume control" option is switched on Fixed: sound engine - CD playback is interrupted in end of track if the "pre-load next track while current is playing" option is switched on Fixed: player - the MPEG-DASH containers cannot be played when running at Windows 7 (regression) Fixed: scheduler - does not handle a new tracks adding to the queue/playlist while last track from queue/playlist is playing Fixed: skin engine - the "duplicates not allowed" error occurs after rename the object via script Fixed: skin engine - the GrayScale blending mode works incorrectly Fixed: skin engine - minor issues has been fixed Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - app processes #0-separator incorrectly while read the ID3v2.3 tag data Fixed: plugins - GUI API - some object's properties does not react to changes (regression)
  5. You need an iso file for making a bootable USB when you are unlocking computer password,especially with free software.
  6. @Clap20182810, could you please explain to me in what way did I offend you to make you say what you said above so I can correct my mistakes as soon as possible. I apologise for any offence caused. Thanks.
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  8. Windows 7 is also outdated, it don't natively support a lot of current (and even old :USB3) hardware. Any machine that works with Windows 7 will also works with Windows 10. Windows 7 will not receive any security patch in a few months (january 2020). There is no good reason to install Windows 7 today.
  9. Windows 10 is not bad but most people still choose Windows 7 just like Windows XP a few years ago. I still like Windows XP a lot although it is quite outdated now. I wouldn't download an image made for another model but I don't think there will be any (major) problems with it.
  10. @pennsylvaniaron You can have a try installing icare's DNF repack (select the x86&x64 version). I suppose it's installed in english in non french-systems.
  11. Yes, they say that, but they mean the Rollup for NET-FW, not the one for Windows! It must be installed after you installed NET-FW 4.8!
  12. Hi Ron, As explained upper, KB4534102 is a cumulative update for DNF 3.5.1 to 4.8, and the KB itself is made of different links for each DNF version. You need to install DNF 4.8 separatelly because it's not inluded in 7 ISO (icare maintains the french version up to date, to my knowlegde Ricktendo did the same for english version, but repack.net website seems to be down). Concerning DNF 3.5.1 included with Windows 7, only its KBs present in the Rollup are included in the ULs. Since several monthes DNF 3.5.1 has no new update, you can check the links when you want to download KB4524102 (have a look on capture, the 2 last links) : the 2 KBs DNF5.5.1-related included in KB4524102 are old and are included in ULs since previous versions.
  13. Here is mirror of Ricktendo .NET 4.7.2 Slim https://www.mirrored.to/files/K4VQX3HM/NET_Framework_4.7.2_Slim_x86x64_(5-1-2018).exe_links For Windows 7 installation, see (to install NET-FW 4.7 on Windows 7 a patch has to be installed before 4.7: KB4019990. After installing KB4019990 no issues anymore):
  14. Cà phê Fin là trang thương mại được tạo ra nhằm mục đích mang tới những sản phẩm cà phê sạch, cà phê nguyên chất từ chính người dân Lâm Đồng sản xuất cho mọi đối tượng, hình thành và tạo dựng văn hóa cà phê Việt Nam.

  15. Thiersee thx for reply. I'm a little confused. This is from the M$ website: "Important: This update (KB4524102) is included in the Security and Quality Rollup that's dated October 8, 2019. Parts of this update were previously released in the Security and Quality Rollup on September 24, 2019." I was under the impression that 4524102 is included in the monthly rollup. I am ASSuming we are talking about 4524102 correct? If I have to install it separately does it it go with all the convenience updates or in the silent list? regards...
  16. thank you very much for the quick reply
  17. I have my Laptop Dell Latitude E5430 running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit installed by OEM Dell image downloaded from Windows ISO Downloader from Heidoc.net. Is there any chance that I can install OEM Windows images of another/different Dell models to my Laptop? Will there be any issues during the installation?
  18. Hi Ron, it's not the first time you have this issue ! KB4524102 is the NET-FW rollup for october 2019 (both 3.5.1 and 4.x): probably the other two (2o17!) will disappear if you install this one. NET-FW is not covered by WUD! Have a nice week end. Regards
  19. Is it normal after this new October disk to have the quality NFW updates kb4041083, 4049016, 4524102 be available for WUD? I also have 3185319. I made a win 7_64 PRO version. thx Regards...
  20. Google Chrome 77.0.3865.120 Dual x86x64 Silent
  21. Adobe Flash Player Activex 32.00.270 (IE) New Adobe Flash Player NPAPI 32.00.270 (Firefox) New Adobe Flash Player PPAPI 32.00.270 (Chrome) New
  22. - 10/10/2019 ------------------ Here's an update that will discard S3M channels that are set to 255 (unused): Any other channels with bit 8 set will be treated as muted (unless the "Ignore muting in files" option is enabled).
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