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  4. Version 5.5 dispo, seul changement: mise à jour du profil fourni pour fonctionner avec Firefox 67+
  5. You're right, Mozilla have (once again) changed something about the profiles, version 5.5 of the maker is out, the only change is the example profile bundled was updated for Firefox 67+
  6. Hi Mooms. The profile of maker working with version 67.0? The plugins, boomarks & some settings is missing
  7. Тогда получается, что у Simplix они прописаны по названиям в его интеграторе. Так не делайте. Интегрируйте как положено через саму прогу WinToolkit все нужные вам аддоны, а только потом уже в подготовленную заготовку интегрируйте обновления. Или попробуйте переименовать в старые названия.
  8. Last week
  9. @prihozhanin Жди updatepack 19.6.15. EN: Wait for updatepack 19.6.15.
  10. Я имею в виду с цифрами 20190523
  11. Не устанавливаются новые аддоны на обновления от simplix. Их Updatepack не видит в упор. Простите, но английский не знаю.
  12. Version 19.05.25 AppNetworkCounter v1.20 HWiNFO v6.06 WizTree v3.29 QuickSetDNS v1.30 GPU-Z v2.21.0
  13. Нет, я спрашиваю только о обновлённых недавно. No, I ask only about updated recently.
  14. Version 8.14 (24 May 2019): Downloads for Windows 7 and Office 2010 now every Wednesday; renamed Windows 10 April 2019 Update to Windows 10 May 2019 Update; added Insider and developer versions up to build 18898 added Office 2019 for Mac build 16.25; updated to jQuery 3.4.1; new Facebook logo.
  15. Either use the 3-addons per architecture: vcredist_x64_2019_WinAll_14.22.27706.WA vcredist_x64_2013d_WinAll.WA vcredist_x64_SxS_Win7.WA vcredist_x86_2019_WinAll_14.22.27706.WA vcredist_x86_2013d_WinAll.WA vcredist_x86_SxS_Win7.WA - or only use the AIO addon: vcredist_x64_Win7_20190523.WA vcredist_x86_Win7_20190523.WA
  16. Здравствуйте. Вы обновили аддон? Тогда какие именно скачивать из всего набора? Hello. Did you update an add-on? Then what to download from all set?
  17. - Updated: VC++ 2019 redist 14.22.27706 - Added AIO standalone addon for Win7 (mainly for Simplix Pack) @snorlax212 2015/2017/2019 are all the same runtimes, they cannot co-exist, latest 2019 should work for all
  18. I'll see what I can do. At the moment I am working on a new feature.
  19. @Unantastbar Its working fine. I think Delete Old installers is buggy on 1903. I didn't select it and all are working. Can you please add reset base to boot.wim?
  20. Because the updatepack works ONLY on the install.wim. boot.wim manipulation was never intended or implemented. No conflicts. And anyway, servicing windows 8.1/10 isn't fully supported under windows 7. Conversely, windows 7/8.1/10 images can be serviced under windows 10. Simply having and using the adk from a newer OS doesn't provide full support for servicing newer OS images relative to the host OS.
  21. I'm still assessing the damage. In any case, a new version will be out before the end of the week. As of next week, download generation will be reset at 00:00 GMT every Wednesday, and download links generated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Like that users will at least know when they have a chance to get their downloads.
  22. vmk

    DISM for Win 10

    Hey Shhnedo, Vasudev here. Do you know why I get No SP1 detected when I use Simplix pack to update win 7 Sp1 boot.wim files index=*? Another question: Won't Win 10 Dism exe conflict with W7's? Win 10 Dism is more powerful with lot of options..
  23. I use NTlite to add netfx 3.5 package otherwise you can't run component cleanup or reset base because of pending action from installing netfx 3.5. Can you suggest how to use Silent setup or SFX when your media has multi edition W7/10? Should I add it edition wise or just integrating in Home edition and leaving out Pro edition will do it? I follow same thing on Win 10 v1803/1809 and they work fine and not to mention w/o Reset Base the ISO is very huge around 6GB with only 2 editions Home & pro.
  24. Mount Windows Setup of boot.wim index =2 and sort by latest date in sources folder and copy it over to your source ISO folder and re-create ISO as mentioned here. I wasted nearly 70hrs to figure it out. https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4041170/windows-installation-cannot-find-driver-boot-wim
  25. Hello, a question, this version, 1903, is already the final version or is still an insider version
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