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  1. Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005 Displays personalized slideshows, news feeds, and other customized information on the desktop. Windows XP SP3 ALL Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/sidebar CRC-32: 3aafb493 MD4: 062678613deccd43932735f7e38b255f MD5: ccf47e3ac6623fe7af534f2ff343e5d4 SHA-1: 77d96f89ad4f9fee06c0cca008f384464483f33f Size: 22.9 MB 50 Supported Locales: (You Can Request Your Locale) cs-CZ (Czech - Czechoslovakia) de-AT (German - Austria) de-CH (German - Switzerland) de-DE (German - Germany) de-LI (German - Liechtenstein) de-LU (German - Luxembourg) el-GR (Greek - Greece) en-AU (English - Australia) en-BZ (English - Belize) en-CA (English - Canada) en-CB (English - Caribbean) en-GB (English - United Kingdom) en-IE (English - Ireland) en-JM (English - Jamaica) en-NZ (English - New Zealand) en-PH (English - Phillippines) en-TT (English - Trinidad) en-US (English - United States) ***Default*** en-ZA (English - South Africa) es-AR (Spanish - Argentina) es-BO (Spanish - Bolivia) es-CL (Spanish - Chile) es-CO (Spanish - Colombia) es-CR (Spanish - Costa Rica) es-DO (Spanish - Dominican Republic) es-EC (Spanish - Ecuador) es-ES (Spanish - Spain) es-GT (Spanish - Guatemala) es-HN (Spanish - Honduras) es-MX (Spanish - Mexico) es-NI (Spanish - Nicaragua) es-PA (Spanish - Panama) es-PE (Spanish - Peru) es-PR (Spanish - Puerto Rico) es-PY (Spanish - Paraguay) es-SV (Spanish - El Salvador) es-UY (Spanish - Uruguay) es-VE (Spanish - Venezuela) fr-CA (French - Canada) fr-CH (French - Switzerland) fr-FR (French - France) fr-LU (French - Luxembourg) he-IL (Hebrew - Israel) it-CH (Italian - Switzerland) it-IT (Italian - Italy) ja-JP (Japanese - Japan) nl-BE (Dutch - Belgium) nl-NL (Dutch - Netherlands) pl-PL (Polish - Poland) pt-BR (Portuguese - Brazil) pt-PT (Portuguese - Portugal) ru-MO (Russian - Republic of Moldova) ru-RU (Russian - Russia) tr-TR (Turkish - Turkey) zh-CN (Chinese - China) zh-HK (Chinese - Hong Kong SAR) zh-MO (Chinese - Macau SAR) zh-SG (Chinese - Singapore) zh-TW (Chinese - Taiwan) Changelog: 1-31-10 - Added pl-PL language support - SlideShow Gadget fix for (cs, en, es, fr, it, nl, pl & tr) 12-18-09 - Updated WMP Gadget v0.9.6.2 - Removed simhei font - Smaller Alky XP installer (admin install) 5-08-09 - Updated Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005 - Added he-IL version - Split the translations into individual localized files (instead of a AIO) to reduce memory consumption - RyanVM Integrator compatibility fixed (not tested) 2-25-09 - Reduced size of addon by over 7 Megabytes 11-29-08 - Repatched pt-PT, de-DE and ja-JP sidebars to fix error - Added tr-TR translation fix by murat184 11-23-08 - Updated Windows Sidebar v6.0.6001.22303 9-04-08 - Updated Alky for Applications installer to install with data.bin (we can thank kontini for the new silent switches) 6-19-08 - Removed process.exe (false virus flag) 6-19-08 - Fixed process.exe not being copied to system32 (only manual install was affected) 6-18-08 - Silent update, added the following English locales to Strings: en-AU, en-BZ, en-CA, en-CB, en-GB, en-IE, en-JM, en-NZ, en-PH, en-TT, en-US, en-ZA - Now uses process.exe to close sidebar (fixes issue for some with tskill.exe) - Fixed possible issue with shortcut name not being localized in ViStart - Vista fonts are now registered during TXTSETUP (they can now be used earlier in the Windows Billboard Setup if needed) - Fixed French translation of RecycleBin(XP).Gadget 6-17-08 - Merged all the following langs (tnx to Kal) into one convenient addon: en-US, cs-CZ, de-AT, de-CH, de-DE, de-LI, de-LU, el-GR, es-AR, es-BO, es-CL, es-CO, es-CR, es-DO, es-EC, es-SV, es-ES, es-GT, es-HN, es-MX, es-NI, es-PA, es-PE, es-PR, es-PY, es-UY, es-VE, fr-CA, fr-CH, fr-FR, fr-LU, it-CH, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-BE, nl-NL, pt-BR, pt-PT, tr-TR. - Removed QuickLaunch shortcut to be more like Vista (also solves uninstall INF error for other langs) - "grpconv" error during manual install's reboot stage solved 5-16-08 - Added el-GR version 5-02-08 - Added fr-FR version 4-21-08 - Added tr-TR version 4-17-08 - Fixed it-IT version 4-16-08 - Added it-IT version 4-11-08 - Updated ALL Languages (fixed Windows Sidebar URL shortcut bug) - Updated cs-CZ version to SP1 3-31-08 - Added cs-CZ version - Update de-DE version to SP1 3-30-08 - Added de-DE version 3-26-08 - Added Server 2003 version 3-23-08 - Updated w/ Alky for Applications 1.1 - Updated Windows Sidebar v6.0.6001.18000 - Updated BBC, Launcher and WMP Gadgets (removed a couple others) - Swapped iWeather for MSNWeather Gadget 12-13-07 - Fixed Server 2003 Sidebar addon 12-09-07 - Added versions for different builds of Windows (XP SP2 & SP3 and Server 2003) 12-04-07 - Sidebar is back to RTM version - Added a couple new gadgets - Separated KB940541 for SP3 compatibility 09-29-07 - Updated to Vista SP1 Sidebar v6.0.6001.16659 - Updated Contacts, RSSFeeds, Stocks and Weather gadgets v1.1.0.0 09-22-07 - Improoved manual Install (mow much easier, see new video) 09-19-07 - Added Office 2007 Recent Docs and Launcher Gadgets - Added LCID (used to determine what locale OS you have, like en-US) - Updated Recycle Bin Gadget (it can now be BIG while docked and small while undocked) - Edited Alky silent installer for easy x64 install. 08-30-07 - Updated to Vista SP1 Sidebar v6.0.6001.16633 - Added Script MT Bold font for LiveClock.Gadget - Added Gadget Installer by Thomas Pleasance 08-19-07 - Updated Server 2003 version with Vista SP1 Sidebar v6.0.6001.16549 08-18-07 - Updated XP version with Vista SP1 Sidebar v6.0.6001.16549 - Updated MSXML 6.10.1200.0 SP1 - Updated Wireless Lan API (KB940541) I wanna give a big thanks to the creators and developers of Alky for Applications (a.k.a. VAIO) Rafael, ZoRoNaX and Stanimir Stoyanov Official Website (Alky for Applications) AeroXperience Forum (Bug Reports)
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  2. dirtwarrior

    Downloads from MS

    http://bhandler.spaces.live.com/ enjoy
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  3. komalo

    Glass CMD for XP

    Glass CMD for XP after the release of Glass CMD for Vista/7, some of my friends on dA asked me to make one for XP, so here it is Author Mohamed Kamal Requirments : Needs at Least .Net Framework 3.5 : Here Updates : not too much just updated the look and enabled the right click menu, adjusted scroll bar and the blur edges, increased the width, with some other improvements Download : From dA : Here Original Idea and Vision for Vista By fediaFedia : Here
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  4. Good Morning to all. I'm proud to announce the KDE Vista Patcher. It is in first beta stages but it is promising. Credits should go to XPero for his vize code and off cource to oxygen team for the icons. Here is a first screenshot, more are about to come and soon i will upload the first beta version. KDE Vista Patcher KDE Vista Patcher is a project based in the fantastic code wonder or XPero, The Vize Project. It
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