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  1. I have a request. I'm not sure if it's possible with this new forum software. I'd like to have an option in the user's profile to flag "Search results from *** language sections only". This would be helpful for those who are monolingual. IE. If a English user clicks "View new content" and is presented with a list of 20 results, more than half are going to be from the Italian/Turkish sections (but with English titles). There's no indication (sometimes) what international section those threads are coming from. Very confusing for some. Can we make that more visible? Or offer the option to filter out those results? I don't mean this as a fault against our international visitors, but I can only see this option as a benefit. And it'd be an option, not default. I like to scan the international areas every now and then to see if I can help (Google translator is a help), but there are times when I wish I'd only get the search results I want. Possible?
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