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    Windows 7 Forum Trash

    I'm going to test the integration, I'm also adding a new feature update integration feature which i hope you will like, it's a secret for now EDIT: Confirmed not working, DISM error 0x801f0005 () EDIT2: Confirmed that WIM Filter is causing the issue. I've made a few fixes to the downloader but i don't think they would fix the issue. However.... I am going to add an alternative download method to see if that helps, it uses the default vb .net tool to download files. It was used in the original VUT and it brought up a little screen with a progress bar). Hopefully the next version will work properly (not out yet).
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    [Addon ]Messenger Plus! Live 4.84.384

    Messenger Plus! Live es un add-on para Windows Live Messenger que a

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