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    Video Driver not Instaled

    @Ricktendo64, Thanks for the links. I'll check those out. We've been having problems with Nvidia drivers since they changed their installer method (260-series to present). @Kels, Noted. @RicaNeaga, I'm sorry that you've had a bad experience with DriverPacks. You are not wrong. I've made note of your comments and I will do what I can to split all the Win7/Vista-only drivers apart from each other (unless they're combo drivers). This should make it easier for W7T users, professionals, or folks that know what they're doing to pick out what they need. You're right, sometimes it's easier for us to just update an entire folder than spend the extra time to pick through and separate the drivers. However, because of the nature of DriverPacks, we will still continue to produce packs that support all NT6 OS. Do you have specific methods you use for testing driver integrity prior to integration? I'd love to hear about it. For Win7 I just integrate with DISM and if we get no errors, we call it 'good'. We want to make sure we build the best & most compatible packs we can. Also, if you have specific examples of problems or mismatch, please PM me so I can fix the problems in our packs. We do listen and always love to get constructive feedback. Simply saying "Your stuff is broken" doesn't help anyone.

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