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  1. laddanator


    Would like to see peimage.exe added to the already almost perfect WinToolKit. This way when I or whom ever wants to slipstream drives to either boot or install wim, your tool will call on peimage.exe. peimage.exe requires each path for the driver to be absolute and as you all know, driverpacks has tons of subfolders and peimage doesn't scan sub folders (which is a pain to type all the paths in a cmd) like DISM plus DISM doesn't work on a SP2 Vista image. When you point to a driver folder in WinToolKit, the paths including subfolders is listed in a txt or cmd file somewhere I assume? Once the paths to the drivers including subfolders are written where ever, then WTK can call peimage to do the rest. There are files in both Vista boot and install wim that 7 doesn't have and could be used as a marker file so the tool will know it's a Vista wim. hope I don't sound crazy!? Correction. It's peimg.exe.
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