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    Bye Bye v1.4.0, Hello v1.5.0

    v1.4.0 is officially finished and will no longer be worked on. I've now started v1.5.0!!! So far i've been improving old code and once i've done with the rest of the program, I will start getting all of those requests done. I've renamed v1.4.0 on the main downloads page to [sTABLE] and will also be available whilst the beta is available. Download BETA Requests and bug reports do NOT go in here, this is for general v1.5.0 discussion only! News I've made further improvements to Win Toolkit startup. Win Toolkit roughly took upto 12 seconds to load up especially if it got stuck on 'Checking for updates'. Win Toolkit has moved that task to the background and moved another few startup items around and will now bring you the main Win Toolkit screen in less than 0.2 seconds. Quicker than me blinking!! In fact it was so quick, i couldn't read a single progress status before the main form appeared. If a new version appears a balloon notification will appear near your clock which you can click on to see what's new. How does it work? Previously, Win Toolkit had to wait until the update check procedure was completed before it would continue to show you the main screen. Now update checking has it's own thread which means Win Toolkit no longer has to wait for it to finish. The update checking will continue even when the main form is loaded which means you can get things done abit quicker! Experimenting I'm also going to be experimenting with AIO Integrator eventually. Adding a few more threading maybe, so it can for example integrate drivers and updates at the same and a bunch of other stuff simultaneously!
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    Win 7 Updated ISO.

    Ok, I get the line of thought. We could exchange a lot more thoughts about this, but that would probably not help the case here, and also become more and more off-topic. (which I dislike maybe even more than racial woman yelling rape in crowded buildings)
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    Update Catalog Idea

    Ok, final request list below with stuff removed form the scan. For info / reasons regarding .txt, .htm, .html and .reg files, please see my post above. V. Remove SoLoR server entirely. This can be the cause for this issue, and also it's offline / it hasn't been updated for ~ a year now. W. Make a filter for .txt, .htm, .html and .reg files and also .cmd for both servers, as the info in those is redundant / not needed / already requested (in the tweaks thread). There is only one .cmd file on both servers, install.cmd - installs McRip's main folder on online images / live systems. X. For KUC server - REMOVE the OLD for BAD sub-folder (superseded updates), EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the not integratable sub-folder, and EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the updates from the VPC sub-folder and the VMdriver sub-folder (see here). Y. For McRip server - REMOVE the BeforeInstallSP1 sub-folder (folder with updates needed for SP0 in order to install SP1), EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the KB2506143.Windows.Management.Framework.3.0.CTP sub-folder (not integrable to an offline image), EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the Not integratable to Offline image sub-folder, and EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the updates from the VPC sub-folder (see here). Z. For McRip server - ADD the WU_Satisfy folder to the scan (updates needed for WU silencing when using the LDR branch). The red bar can have an explanation written somewhere visible, as those updates ''aren't integratable / preferably to be installed''. The only problem that will remain after implementing this last requests is the rkvroots .exe file from McRip's main folder, but I'll ask him to move it to the additional area. When all this are fulfilled, ''beginners'' in using your app will stop wasting time / ask more questions than needed, either to themselves, or here on wincert.
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    Extracting from DVD source

    I read your post about making a new post for extracting files from DVD so here it is thanks alot for implementing the iso extraction didn't get to reply on the last topic as it was locked but i have to say thanks somewhere, as its much appreciated.

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