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    The optional driver updates for your hardware will be offered unless you have specifically added them manually yourself through Driver Packs or something. I'm going to guess the the majority of the others are due to "slimming" operations you have performed using RT7Lite, vLite, and/or NTLite. I say that because, for example, it is saying you need to re-install part of SP1, but only 9.1 MB of KB976932, so WU believes that part of SP1 is now missing. A way to test my hypothesis is to rebuild using the exact same sources and steps you did before, EXCEPT REMOVE NOTHING. If after that WU comes up clean, except possibly for the optional driver updates, then you know that the "problem" is in your removals. If your slimmed OS works correctly for you for all operations and software you want or need to use, and you truly don't need what you removed, and the suggested updates are trying to add back in what you removed, then I guess you can just hide the updates you don't need anymore. Cheers and Regards
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    You didnt know Transformer Owl? ;)

    Real exist, no fake! ^^ EPIC After this, the cute version: Greetz

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