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    Macrium Reflect Free Edition v6.1 Build 1225 - Dual x86+x64 RePack by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0 About RePack: Nothing is removed/added/modified. Only optimized/enhanced & improved the compression, to reduce the file size. [Note: If you download the original (official) setup files, they would be a total of 79.4 MB, after repacking it has been reduced to 41.4 MB, i.e. 38 MB lesser.] Optional Command-Line Options: DOWNLOAD: Mega | File Name: MacriumReflect_6.1.1225.Dual_RePack.exe | File Size: 41.4 MB | File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/N2UZWqXN Enjoy!
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    Already been there its a great site and regular updates to the repacks
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    KB3061518 also replaced by KB3146706 (deepclean)
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    Hi rhahgleuharg, I just finished a test on VM; start condition: X86 HomePremium, installed with the last UL + KB3138612 (without the three .cab for update-client!) + DeepCleaning. I run a WU-update (patch day), all OK, a new search with no result, then a deep cleaning, so I got this list at the end: KB3148198 IE11, replaces KB3139929 KB3142042 .NET-FW 3.5.1, replaces KB3135988 (by DC) KB3145739, replaces KB3139852 (by DC) KB3146706, replaces KB3140410, KB3126593, KB3097966 (all by DC) KB3146963 KB3149090 KB3133977 KB3137061 KB3138901 KB3147071 KB3148851, replaces KB3112148 (by DC) I'll try a fresh install and report about. Regards, Thiersee
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    Hold your horses lads. IDM is not easy to do, there are several issues that needs to be resolved but consider it work in progress. I really don't think anyone gets it perfect the first time. So lets instead give some feedback about what does and what doesn't work. And yes, it's Inno. Cheers.

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