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  1. This pack update Windows XP / 2003 TimeZones to latest ones that can be found in Windows 10 21H2 v10.0.19041.906 (WinBuild.160101.0800). This package is MultiLanguage and support all 24 languages. If you need you can install it on live system by extracting TimeZone.inf and install it using right click. Windows 10 TimeZones settings for Windows XP / 2003 - MultiLanguage Update (3 September 2021) SHA-1: ECBEC3D00E7F94AE5C33D75E20C67E0079049A61 Filesize: 92871 bytes (90 KiB) TIP: Use this pack after [REPACK] OnePiece XP Post-SP3 AIO International Update Packs FINAL v1.1.0 and [REPACK] OnePiece XP Embedded Post-SP3 International True AddOn v1.0.2 to fix TimeZones strings.
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