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  1. @Dietmar @infuscomus Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa!!! It finally worked ! Tested debug WinXP SP2 64-bit If the PC has a integrated COM port on the motherboard, turn it off in the bios I plugged my PCIe RS232 Sunix SER5427A card into the PCIe x1 slot Check I/O port my card in Debian or Windows with pciutlis - lspci -s xx:xx.x -v, my card has D000 Mod kdcom.dll x64 in offset 1024 change F803 to 00D0 (little endian) Replace kdcom.dll in WINDOWS\system32 on debuged PC We set up debug in boot.ini: /debug /debugport=COM1: /baudrate=14400 On host PC run WinDbg baudrate 115200 Boot debugged PC to MS-DOS 6.22 with tools debug.exe and grub.exe (GRUB4DOS) Insert I/O addres to memory 40:0 for COM1 (my is D000) (or simply run sundos.exe) debug -e 40:0 00 D0 -q Run GRUB4DOS (grub.exe) Boot WinXP (menu.lst): default 0 timeout 5 title Boot WinXP map (hd0) (hd1) map (hd1) (hd0) map --hook find --set-root /ntldr chainloader /ntldr P.S. If on a computer with WinDbg we have a modern PCIe card with an RS232 port that allows higher speeds, then you can set the maximum to what both PCIe cards allow, for me you can do this: boot.ini - 57600 & WinDbg 460800
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