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  1. Patches shell32 missing icon notification patch (x86/x64) tcpip & tcpip6 max connection limit patch (x86/x64) WinXPPAE v3.5 patch not needed, XP64 is good up to 128GB of ram. AVX/AVX2 patch (only x86 version exists) GPT native support on data volume. With XP32 you have to copy disk.sys and partmgr.sys from server2003x86, but with XP64 its based on 5.2 (like 2003x64). sndrec32 2GB patch (only needed for x86, x64 does not need patch) Patch for applications 4GB patcher to add /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag for EXEs. Otherwise 32bit process is limited to 2GB. This would allow it to use all 4GB. Useful for some games or apps that can use a lot of RAM. https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371
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