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    NIM reacted to maxvo1ume in Windows 7 Görsel Değişim Paketi - Yeniçeri   
    Bu paket sayesinde Windows 7'nin varsayılan 400'e yakın .exe ve .dll dosyalarının simgeleri capcanlı yeni bir g
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    NIM reacted to Kelsenellenelvian in WPI v8.0.3   
    Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI for short) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice. While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. WPI allows you to create one image, which can then be custom configured, and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications.
    WPI is a simple to use automation program for the choice and installation of multiple programs, tweaks and scripts. No longer will you need a dozen CD's or more when doing a fresh Installation. No longer will you need multiple files when you are servicing another PC. With Windows Post-Install Wizard all that you will need is 1 or 2 CD\DVD's to fully install your PC with all of your apps, scripts, registry files or tweaks. Instead of having to re-download those apps like adobe reader, flash or updates to programs you can have them all on one disk. With WPI you can have all of them all on one disk and then have a nice interface for selecting which apps to install and after configured properly WPI will install all of them without any needed input from you. WPI also and is commonly used added to your windows installation disks. This way you can automate the complete process of Windows and program installations.
    With your typical setup of WPI you have your OS and all of the apps, tweaks and such on one disk. After windows installs, WPI kicks in and you are given a selection of everything you have configured WPI with, then you can select the ones you want or simply let the timer run out and your default apps will install.
    Highlights of the newest version!
    A "Actual" .exe luancher for WPI FINALLY! Very important update as the .exe has MANY, MANY built in features!
    HUGE, monstrous update!
    Totally new layout option! (See the style tab in the options area.)
    Loads of new features! Please read the changelog!
    All themes are now included in the main dl...
    Known Bugs\Issues!
    The rewind button DOES NOT work on the media player... (Probably never has)
    Nero 7 messes with the IE scripting engine and WPI will not work if Nero 7 has been installed or is currently installed. HOWEVER, This link to Nero Cleantool --> HERE has been reported to fix this issue. So if you wish to use WPI and have had Nero7 installed you will want to "clean" your system first.

    v8.0.3 Updates - Released May 30th, 2010
    * Fixed a path bug in the installer.

    v8.0.2 Updates - Released May 27th, 2010
    * Changed language file codes: dk-> da, and se -> sv.

    * Fixed bug in USSF dealing with msi archives.

    * Updated the media player code for the installer.

    * Updated new file error handling code some more.

    Updated the Installer to handle custom images and backgrounds.

    Added a "None" option to the combobox for installer background image.
    This will make the top titlebar transparent in case you want to use a
    full size background image.

    You can now put custom images and backgrounds in your theme folder to
    override the selected ones in Options->Style tab:

    * If Wallpaper_Installer.jpg or Wallpaper_Installer.png exists, it will be
    used as the window background image.
    Window size is 430x460 pixels.

    * If InstallBg.png exists, this will be used as the title bar background
    image. Use in conjunction with "None" in the combobox.
    No more than 428x60 pixels.

    * If InstallLogo.png exists, it will be used as the title image.
    No more than 430x60 pixels.

    * If ProgressBar.png exists, it will be used for the progress bar image.
    This will also be used in the main window for the count down timer.
    Must be 400x20 pixels.

    * If Wallpaper_InstallItems.jpg or Wallpaper_InstallItems.png exists,
    it will be used for the background image for the install items textbox.
    Box size is 400x256 pixels.

    7Fresh theme uses most of the above options.

    * Fixed bug with install order value not being placed in the grid when

    v8.0.1 Updates - Released May 17th, 2010
    * Locked the size of the Installer window.

    * Fixed bug in "Copy audio folder to harddrive" setting the default
    path every time.

    * Fixed an issue with tf.Close() and a bad path name in the theme

    * Fixed bug in Options wizard that would still change the theme colors
    if hit Exit instead of Save.

    * Fixed a bug in the tooltips dealing with carriage returns.
    Note: For a new line press Shift+Enter. For a new paragraph, just hit

    v8.0.0 Updates - Released May 10th, 2010
    * UTF-16 is now supported for foreign language custom characters. To
    update your config.js file, load it in a text editor, like Notepad++,
    and save it in UCS-2 Little Endian format. It will then be edittable
    within WPI.

    * Added command line argument "continue" to automatically continue an
    aborted installation. You will not be presented with the alert to
    continue or cancel.
    WPI.exe continue=true

    * Added command line argument "language" to switch saved language. Use
    two letter language code.
    WPI.exe language=de

    * The tool tips text location for Left and Right were reversed.

    Added a new layout design that shows the program's logo (png image) and
    a short description under the main text. The main use of the second
    line would be for version, system requirements, exclusions, etc. It
    does use much more real estate, but looks much nicer than the old boring

    To toggle the traditional list style and the new layout, go to Options
    Wizard -> Style tab -> Use alternate layout with program's logos.

    Be sure to adjust the style sheet: .txt_logo, .shortDescTxt_logo,
    .grayTxt_logo, .forceTxt_logo, and .checkedTxt_logo.

    * Updated the tool tips to not show "undefined" when nothing is
    specified in the Description field.

    * Fixed a bug in CreateShortcut() if the sub-folder doesn't exist; it
    will be created now.

    * If a category carries over to the next column or page, the spacing for
    next category has been fixed.

    * Fixed a small bug in determining the width of the layerboxes div to
    set the width of the columns properly. This in turn fixed fixed the
    text being cut off too soon.

    Added {JSCRIPT}=TimedWaitForProgram(ImageName,Minutes) to monitor
    installers, or any program, to close before moving on to next install
    item. This was requested for installers or scripts that do not wait
    properly when they launch installers from inside themselves.

    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=TimedWaitForProgram("Setup.exe",10)

    The image name is case sensitive. Minutes is the amount of time WPI
    will wait before moving on in case the program hangs/crashes.

    WPI will check every 3 seconds or until the specified minutes is

    To see the actual image name, open a command prompt window, start the
    program/installer, at the command prompt type "tasklist". This will
    give a list of all the running programs.

    * Updated the progress bar in the installer to finally keep the value
    centered all the time.

    * The euDock theme is now localized. No more making custom images for
    each language.

    The Options -> Style tab has been reduced to remove a lot of theme
    bloat. You can no longer change the skin of individual gadgets. You
    can still change the installer background image and the progress bar

    There is now a new "Selected skin" drop-down box that has 8 skins to
    keep all the gadgets the same colors. Much better consistancy. More
    skins will be added later.

    This reduced the archive size and number of files down significantly.

    If you want to make your own skin, use the Skin Builder here:

    Please upload it to the forum to share with others and maybe have it
    included with future WPI releases.

    * Updated the Configurations tab in the Config Wizard to use 2 grids.

    * Took out option to have maximize button on window border. Until I can
    listen for it and redraw the data properly, no point in having it.

    * Updated the internet check. Now done within the launcher.

    * Put the Change Log tab back in the About window.

    * If ReadMe.txt file exists in main folder, a Read Me button will be
    displayed above the Install button. Use this to give the user important
    information about the install package. Like, certain items require user
    input (not totally silent), drivers need to reboot, etc.

    * Francesco ported USSF from AutoIT to JavaScript; I finished it up. No
    more false positives from virus scanners thinking USSF is a virus. And
    I have full control of it now.

    * Francesco updated the launcher to disable the X close button on the
    window so reg keys are sure to get set back properly.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=ErrorReporting().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ErrorReporting(Enable,Notify,WindowsOS,Programs)
    This works just like the Windows XP's Error Reporting, but also for
    Vista and newer.

    * Fixed bug in Config Wizard when added a new entry it would always ask
    if want to update UID when it doesn't need to be.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=PowerOptions().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=PowerOptions(too many to list)
    This works just like the Windows' Power Options. Settings are visible
    for both desktops and laptops to make things easier.
    Note: A reboot is required for all changes to take affect.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=ScreenSaver().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ScreenSaver("ssbezier",Minutes,t/f)
    "Screen saver is secure" will either show logon screen if Fast User
    Switching is enabled, or ask for a password if not. The account must
    have a password assigned.
    Note: A reboot is required for all changes to take affect.

    * Added function {DIRMOVE}.
    Usage: {DIRMOVE} "C:\Test" "D:\Test"
    Note: Both paths must be in quotes.
    Note: If final destination folder does not already exist, you must
    specify it.

    * Fixed a bug with %CDROM% not being set. It was, but then cleared
    right after.

    * The sub windows will now resize automatically to match different font

    * Broke down the Conditions and Grayed Conditions menus in Config
    Wizard for easier navigation.

    Updated all of the themes to a new rendering engine. The html code is
    no longer in the theme folder. This way all the themes will match and
    function properly. All images may be replaced or removed. Many items
    in the theme are still customizable. This is done via the new
    wpi_theme.js in each theme folder. The type of theme is defined in the
    wpi.inf file: Windows, euDock, CorporateIT, or Accordion.

    The names of the images are hard coded in and can not be changed and
    they must be PNG images.

    The background image can either be called Wallpaper.jpg or
    Wallpaper.png. Or no image and set a background color.

    If Title.png exists it will be used. If does not exist, text will be
    used. To have no image and no text, copy in Title.png from

    If TitleBG.png exists, it will be used as the background pattern. Or
    set a color in wpi_theme.js.

    SmallBarT.png a SmallBarB.png, if exist will be used. Erase them to not
    use them. The heights can be specified in some themes.

    If SidePanel.png exists, it will be used as the background for the side
    panel (Begin Install, Select All, Select None, etc.). And/or a color
    can be specified. The width of the side panel is also customizable.

    If Logo.png exists, it will be used as a second image. It is mainly
    meant for a company logo/watermark when don't want a big background.
    Usually would be light colored, almost transparent. Set it's right
    edge and bottom edge location.
    PinkRibbon and Woody themes are examples.

    If Bottom.png exists, it will be placed in the bottom bar at center.

    If BottomBG.png exists, it will be used as the background pattern. Or
    set a color in wpi_theme.js.

    You can specify and customize text to be placed in the bottom bar in
    wpi_theme.js. Can not have both image and text.

    The exit button can be on left or right side, and show or not show the

    Not all theme types have all the customizable features. If it's not in
    wpi_theme.js then it can't be modified so don't try to add anything from
    other types.

    Went through every css file and removed several old items that are no
    longer used, and changed the names of several items.

    Added Network Wizard to facilitate entry of user IP information,
    create Windows' users, etc.

    This wizard is meant to be set up ahead of time. If you have a business
    with 25 users/computers, you would make an entry for each user/computer
    with their specific information: IP address, computer name, Workgroup,
    etc. If you also use a winnt.sif or XML file, you do not need to enter
    any user specific data, so you only need one "universal" file with global
    settings (ie, Display, Unattended, Windows key, etc).

    Once the install process is started, a window will open and you pick
    which user/computer you are installing for. Or hit Cancel and nothing
    will be changed. The user may also be specified from a command line
    argument: user="Ritter, Mark". To specify a different network settings
    file: network=iowa_office_networkoptions.js.

    In the grid you will see an entry ".default". This entry can not be
    deleted. You can use it for Administrator account, or other non-specific

    User information:
    Friendly name: Ritter, Mark or Mark Ritter. This is the name you specify
    in command line args.

    Computer name: Enter the name for user's computer. If left blank no
    change will be made.

    Windows user account information:
    User name: Mark. This will create a new user account in Windows.

    User password: Leave blank if don't want one.

    Administrator: Check to give this user Administrator rights, else will
    be a limited user.

    Join workgroup:
    Workgroup: Name of your Workgroup.

    Reboot after settings are applied: Checking this will reboot the
    computer so the newly created user account can be logged on to for user
    specific settings/programs.

    Auto logon user: Automatically log on to this newly created user.

    Clear auto logon user when WPI is finished: This is recommended so any
    user password is cleared from registry, and if multiple accounts exist,
    allows selection of desired one again.

    The rest of the settings are the usual network adapter settings for IP
    address, DNS servers, etc.

    No support for domains is included. That needs to be done on the
    Active Directory server.

    Alt+K shortcut key.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetSecurityCenter_XP().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetSecurityCenter_XP(Firewall,Updates,Virus,Disabled,

    * Broke down the Commands menu in Config Wizard for easier navigation.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetAutoLogonUser().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetAutoLogonUser("Name","Password","Domain")
    Note: Password is optional. If not on domain, use computer name.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=ClearAutoLogonUser().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ClearAutoLogonUser()

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=RenameComputer().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=RenameComputer("Name")
    Note: Reboot computer to take affect.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=CreateWindowsUser().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=CreateWindowsUser("Name","Password",Administrator)
    Note: Password is optional. Administrator=true/false.
    Switch user to take affect.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=DeleteWindowsUser().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=DeleteWindowsUser("Name",true)
    Note: If second arg is true, all associated files will be deleted.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetFirewall().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetFirewall(state)
    Note: true or false for enabled or disabled.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetFilePrinterSharing().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetFilePrinterSharing(state)
    Note: true or false to enabled or disable file and printer sharing.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=MapNetworkDrive().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=MapNetworkDrive("Letter","Path",Reconnect)
    Note: true or false for Reconnect at logon.
    Note: No path checking is done.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=ShareFolder().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ShareFolder("ShareName","Path")
    Note: No path checking is done.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetPageFileSize().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetPageFileSize(DriveLetter,InititalSize,MaximumSize,
    Note: Reboot computer to take affect.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=FormatDrive().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=FormatDrive(Drive,Label,FileSystem,ClusterSize,
    Note: Requires user input during install process.

    * Added option to dropdown box in Options -> General -> "Eject CD when
    WPI is finished".

    * Updated WriteRegKey() to handle all key types properly. REG_MULTI_SZ
    did not work before.

    * No special characters are allowed in UID now. Only A-Z and 0-9.

    * Added command line arg "force" to force the install process. At least
    one item must be set to Forced for this to work.
    Usage: wpi.exe force=true

    * Removed a bunch of code for CorporateIT theme.

    * Added global variable %userprofileroot%.
    XP: C:\Documents & Settings
    Vista: C:\Users
    Usage: {COPY} d:\UserStuff.txt %userprofileroot%\Mark

    * Improved the IE6 PNG fix code some more.

    * Updated images to work with IE6 better.

    * Fixed bug in Config's commands grid in how it showed some items.

    * Now checks for changes in the wizards before creating a new file or
    loading an existing file.

    * The list of configurations was not being updated in the Details tab.

    * Updated saving of all options files.

    * Updated the Ajax code for when checking for an update.

    * Francesco updated his WPI.exe launcher more. Mainly, the Office reg
    keys are set before WPI is launched. You won't have to set them in your
    batch file anymore. FROM NOW ON, USE WPI.EXE TO START WPI.

    * Removed "Do Office debugger check" option. No longer needed with

    * Added "global" flag to setEnvVar(). If true, then variable is system
    wide. If not, only the current process (WPI installer) and any batch
    files after will see them, and will clear upon exit.

    * Created a new way to update the useroptions.js and config.js in a much
    more user-friendly way. Will make future updates much easier.

    * The Options and Config wizards are now opened in their own window.
    This makes Options smaller, but Config larger, to best utilize space.

    * Updated how often the Dependent Of and Excludes combo boxes get
    populated. Much faster now when switching items, especially with large

    * These environment variable are now ceated when WPI is started for use
    in batch files: %HDD%, %CDDRV%, %WPIPATH%, %ROOT%, %OSLANG%, %OSLOCALE%.

    * Added function {JSCRIPT}=removeEnvVar().
    Usage: {JSCRIPT}=removeEnvVar("Variable")
    Note: You don't need to specify the %'s.

    * Music is stopped before Install Finish sound is played.

    * Francesco made WPI Launcher that will use the proper 32/64bit MSHTA
    based on your system. Find it on the main forum thread.

    * Updated the way the config.js version is checked. Much more flexible
    for future updates.

    Notes and Extras
    Suggested disk folder layout:

    With the above folder layout all your config entries should read like:
    ["%wpipath%\Install\Blah.exe" /switch]

    Here is a small tutorial on how to add an app to WPI!

    Ok this is a sample (Very simple) configuration for CCleaner (A.K.A Crap Cleaner)
    This assumes you have all of the WPI files either in the WPI folder at the root of your Windows cd or all of the WPI folders (Common, Graphics, WPIScripts, Tools, Install and Themes) and the file WPI.hta at the root of your cd.
    Remember this is just the most basic and required entries for a program!
    1. Download the app and place it in the WPI\Install Folder. (CCleaner.exe in this example)
    2. Run WPI.hta and click on the Config button\Icon area.
    3. Go to the very top area above the config section and click on the button that says Add
    4. Enter in the name section CCleaner No quotes! Then press the TAB button to activate the rest of the wizard.
    5. You will notice the Unique ID (UID) section gets automatically filled in for you.
    6. All apps are selected to be installed by default right from the start so if you dont want it selected by default you must uncheck this box.
    7. Choose a category for your app to be displayed in. If you want the app to be displayed in a category you dont see simply chose other and a box will appear that will allow the entry of you choice.
    8. In the commands tab click on "Add" at the controls area just right of the command line pane and then the the little folder icon and browse to your folder that contains the app, preferably the .\WPI\Install folder then select the CCleaner installer, this will place the appropriate path in the command line.
    9. Add the necessary switch(s) for the program to run silently. For CCleaner the switch is /S so you would have your command line looks like so = "%wpipath%\Install\CCleaner.exe" /S (This can be easily done for most standard apps by simply clicking on the USSF button on the far right of the command line.) Other switches for apps that USSF cannot identify you can try looking at the forum section here = MSFN Application Installs section,
    10. Select the Save and then the Exit buttons and you have now configured your first app!
    Afterwards you configure WPI to run with your CD using whichever method you choose. We suggest using one of the pre compiled and nicely provided $oem$ (Source folder if your are using Vista or Server 2008) folders that can be found in the downloads section. Then you can use an app like nLite, vLite, CDImageGUI or the Makeiso* program included in the tools folder to make your CD w\WPI bootable again.
    * MakeIso.exe = Adds make bootable .iso to the right click menu of folders. It is a silent installer so DO NOT click on it 50x a simple double click is all that is need to install it. It can be uninstalled from the add\remove programs menu! Just go to the source folder (The one that contains I386 and WPI) and right click then select Make Bootable ISO...

    I have seperated the tools out from the main archive. You can download the tools here:
    Tools archive.
    Contents of the tools archive:
    WPI Config Lister
    CDSwitch <-- 3 Custom themes for CDSwitch
    Cleanup.exe (Deletes ALL icons from the desktop)
    Reboot.exe (Dialog box that will reboot in 60 sec unless cancel is pressed)
    Here is a quick start package that will set your windows disk up to use WPI after the desktop loads.
    This is for use with all versions of Windows 2000, XP and 2003!
    To make use of this archive all you need to do is unRAR it and place the %oem% folder beside the I386 and WPI folders.
    Contents of the Post %OEM% archive:
    Here is a quick start package that will set your windows disk up to use WPI with runonceex.
    This is for use with all versions of Windows 2000, XP and 2003!
    To make use of this archive all you need to do is unRAR it and place the %oem% folder beside the I386 and WPI folders.
    Here is mritters RUN_ WPI solution!
    Use is as the same as the one above...
    This is for use with all versions of Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7!
    To make use of this archive all you need to do is unRAR it and place the Sources folder at the root of your CD.
    Sources Folder.
    Contents of the Sources archive:
    setupcomplete.cmd (This needs to be several folders deep so I preset the folders for you)
    Over 2000 .png images for your pleasure to use in your tooltips or whatever!
    PNG Collection.

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    NIM reacted to *Reaper* in Alien Arena 2011 v7.53   
    Alien Arena

    Do you like fast paced deathmatch? How about rich, colorful, arcadelike atmospheres? How about...retro Sci Fi?
    Then you're going to love what Alien Arena has in store for you! This game combines some of the very best
    aspects of such games as Quake III and Unreal Tournament and wraps them up with a retro alien theme, while
    adding tons of original ideas to make the game quite unique.
    Alien Arena is a fast paced, furious frag fest with arenas ranging from the small, to the massive. With a large
    built-in player base, it's never hard to find a good match going on, at any hour of the day. The community is
    friendly, as well as prolific. Dozens of maps, models, and various accessories have been created by community
    members to add on to the game experience. The CRX engine that powers Alien Arena has received very signifigant
    upgrades in recent releases, resulting not only in stunning new visuals, but vastly increased performance as well
    What's New

    Version: 7.53
    Addon Release Date: May 23, 2012
    Shortcut created in: Games Folder
    Uninstallable: Yes
    Credit: *Reaper*

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    318 MB
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    318 MB
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    NIM reacted to mediadown in Language Packs for Windows XP Service Pack 3   
    Language Packs for Windows XP SP 3 | 260 MB

    Now you can easily switch to any language by one click only
    You are not need to re-boot your computer or log off to apply selected language .
    One click = Automatic install for your favorite language .
    list of languages
    You need download Collection of some Languages Pack for Window Xp :English for XP SP3 ==> Arabic , Bulgarian , Croatian , Czech , Danis ,Dutch Standard , Estonian , Finnish , French Standard , German , Greek , Hebrew , Hungarian , Italian , Latvian , Lithuanian , Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese Brazil , Portuguese Standard , Romanian , Russian , Spanish Modern Sort , Slovak , Slovenian , Swedish , Thai , Turkish

    Russian Language

    French Language

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    NIM got a reaction from monkee in Boot Windows 7 from VHD - an amazing concept, Here's how to do it   
    1. Install Windows 7 to VHD from DVD
    With Windows 7, you now have the option to boot the OS from a VHD, a virtual disk file, instead of a partition. This way, you don't have to reconfigure your hard drive partitions.
    Limitations: Hibernate is not supported.
    Here are the simplified instructions:
    1) Start Windows 7 installation from DVD.
    2) Press Shift+F10 to start the command prompt.
    3) Start diskpart.
    4) Use the "create vdisk file=D:\Win7.vhd maximum=xxxxx" to create a virtual hard disk. Choose your drive and filename accordingly. xxxxx is in MB.
    5) Type "select vdisk file=D:\Win7.vhd".
    6) Type "attach vdisk". You will get a confirmation that it was attached.
    7) Type "exit" to exit diskpart. And then close the command prompt.
    8) Click on "Install Now" and install as you would normally by clicking on "Custom Install". Choose your attached vdisk as the location.
    The installation takes care of adding the boot option to bcd. You don't have to do anything.
    See Virtual Hard Disk Booting on a tutorial for VHD booting.
    also check this out: Install Windows 7 to a VHD and add boot option to Vista's menu.
    Basically, instead of installing windows 7 to your physical HDD by getting rid of Vista or even dual booting off another partition, you can install to a virtual HDD (in VHD format), and boot off the VHD so you actually get the hardware functionality to play with!!
    Build 7068 does not allow calculation of the WEI score.
    2. Install Existing VHD to Boot Menu of Windows 7
    If you already have a VHD that you want to boot from, you can simply add it to the boot menu rather than going through the above steps. If you have a Virtual PC image, for example, you can syprep it, then add it to Windows 7 menu. Vista's boot manager will not work - you have to update it to Windows 7 boot manager if you want this to work.
    First, here how to add the vhd to the boot menu:
    Open elevated command prompt, then type the following commands in sequence:
    C:\>bcdedit /copy {current} /d "My New VHD Description"
    C:\>bcdedit /set <guid> device vhd=[driveletter:]\<directory>\<vhd filename>
    C:\>bcdedit /set <guid> osdevice vhd=[driverletter:]\<directory>\<vhd filename>
    C:\>bcdedit /set <guid> detecthal on
    Note: The first command will Return the GUID of the Loader Object that you will use to replace <guid> below
    Note: vhd=[driveletter:]\<directory>\<vhd filename> is the new syntax supported for BCDEdit.exe to locate VHD File and Bootmgr will locate the partition containing the VHD File to boot from.
    Type bcdedit /v to check the bcd store.
    3. How to Boot VHD without Windows 7 Installed
    If you have Vista and want to boot a Window 7 VHD, then you need to copy the boot manager of Windows 7 to Vista's partition. You need to copy C:\bootmgr and C:\windows\system32\bcdedit.exe to an external source from Windows 7. You could extract these files from the Windows 7 VHD using WinImage or another program.
    Then, open an elevated command prompt in Vista and unhide bootmgr (attrib -h -r -s bootmgr) and replace it with Windows 7's. Do same for bcdedit. You might consider making backup copies of these files before replacing them.
    Then, add the VHD item to the boot menu using #2 above.
    4. How to Remove
    To remove, run the following command in a elevated command prompt:
    bcdedit /delete {guid} /cleanup
    Delete the vhd file.
    Greets to spacesurfer!
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    NIM reacted to haiter in Windows WinStyle 2009 - Translation project   
    WinStyle 2009 Eng is on the way!!!

    Hi! everybody, I have just translated all the WinStyle 2009 resources.
    Some ScreenShoot:
    My BootScreen:

    My Setup Screen (winntbbu.dll & winntbba.dll):

    Starting Screen (winbrand.dll):

    Welcome Screen (newmark1.jpg & newmark8.jpg):

    LogOn Screen (logonui.exe):

    System Properties with the animation Logo (sysdm.cpl):

    Review: sysdm.cpl file download
    Windows Media Player 11:

    Some wizard windows:

    Shutdown & LogOff:

    Copy & Delete files:

    Text in animation is not need because the dialog have its title...
    All Mod Images: Mod Images
    Have fun!!!
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    NIM reacted to mf3imp in [Release] Internet Explorer 8   
    Internet Explorer 8

    Questo addon è la versione italiana di quello sviluppato da Sereby, con alcuni adattamenti.
    Comprende IE8 originale e i successivi aggiornamenti rilasciati:
    * KB2870699 - Aggiornamento cumulativo della protezione per IE8
    * KB2598845 - Aggiornamento dell'elenco visualizzazione compatibilità
    * KB2510531 - Aggiornamento per JScript e VBScript engine 5.8
    * KB2632503 - Aggiornamento per JScript engine 5.8

    Sono stati impostati alcuni tweak per agevolare l'esperienza d'uso e la sicurezza della navigazione. Inoltre sono stati aggiunti i motori di ricerca di Google e Wikipedia, nella versione italiana.


    Dimensione: 15,4 MB
    MD5 Checksum: 652C2B05D6E9ADBA081CA378AB1FD12B

    Note importanti:
    * Questo addon integrerà IE8 nel disco di installazione e NON potrà essere disinstallato.
    * Compatibile con nlite (con cui è stato testato) o versioni successive.
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    NIM reacted to JAMIS246 in (UPDATED) [Addon] Sun Java SE Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 20   
    [Addon] Sun Java SE Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 19
    CRC32: CC1F594C
    MD4: 45B50DC6821CFB7C4F2CA00FC91D5C7C
    MD5: AC8860956D54F17E9BB6397FFED8B74F
    SHA-1: 4AEE1792A55609C53FBE05F673BEB5EDCB3957BF
    Date: 2010-03-30
    Size: 14.0 MB

    CRC32: C6D79177
    MD4: FB5948E20A806DF5AF9807AD53AC0747
    MD5: 722C95A60E4366D5FBE1218935D0E4F7
    SHA-1: 9FC95A8E12859CF1C325187DA448DB04F5AD663D
    Date: 2010-03-30
    Size: 14.2 MB

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    NIM reacted to *Reaper* in Complete Download List - Updated March 3, 2015   
    Control Panel AddOns
    Autoruns 12.03~ *Reaper*
    Core Temp 1.0 RC6~ *Reaper*
    CPU-Z 1.71.1~ *Reaper*
    GPU-Z 0.8.0~ *Reaper*
    HDTune 2.55~ *Reaper*
    HWMonitor *Reaper*
    IP Configuration Manager *Reaper*
    Kels Win7 CPL PacK~ Kelsenellenelvian
    PC Wizard 2013.2.1.2~ *Reaper*
    Real Temp & *Reaper*
    RunAlyzer *Reaper*
    Speccy 1.26.698~ *Reaper*
    Startup Control Panel 2.8~ *Reaper*
    System Information Viewer 4.49~ *Reaper*
    WhatInStartup 1.35~ *Reaper*
    Alien Arena 2011 7.53~ *Reaper*
    Arcade Classic Arcade Pack 5.10~ *Reaper*
    Cube 2: Sauerbraten 7.19.2010~ *Reaper*
    HoDoKu 2.1.3~ *Reaper*
    Microsoft 3D Pinball 5.1.2600.5512~ *Reaper*
    Microsoft Hold 'Em 6.0.6000.17034~ *Reaper*
    Microsoft Inkball 1.7.2600.2180~ *Reaper*
    Microsoft Tinker 6.0.6000.16748~ *Reaper*
    Open Arena 0.8.8~ *Reaper*
    Pool Rebel *Reaper*
    Red Eclipse 1.2~ *Reaper*
    Secret Maryo Chronicles 1.9~ *Reaper*
    Shell Extensions
    ClipName 1.3.0~ *Reaper*
    HashCheck Shell Extension *Reaper*
    HashTab Shell Extension *Reaper*
    Open Command Prompt Shell Extension *Reaper*
    RunWithParameters Geej
    Software AddOns
    7z SFX Archives Splitter *Reaper*
    7-Zip 9.35~ *Reaper*
    Adobe Flash Player *Reaper*
    Adobe Shockwave Player *Reaper*
    Auslogics Disk Defrag Free Geej
    Auslogics Registry Defrag *Reaper*
    AutoIt ~ *Reaper*
    BumpTop 1.11~ snakecracker
    Classic Shell *Reaper*
    CCleaner w/CCEnhancer 5.03.5128~ *Reaper*
    DAEMON Tools Lite ricktendo
    DAEMON Tools Pro ricktendo
    DAMN NFO Viewer *Reaper*
    Deep Burner *Reaper*
    Defraggler 2.14.706~ *Reaper*
    DreamScene 0.1.3~ Jatin Beniwal
    DVD Decrypter *Reaper*
    DVD Shrink *Reaper*
    Eraser *Reaper*
    Everything Search Engine Geej
    Filehippo.com Update Checker 1.034~ MasterSaMMy
    Free Download Manager 3.0~ snakecracker
    Gimp *Reaper*
    GOM Player Jatin Beniwal
    HijackThis 2.0.2~ beste-spellen
    HyperCam 2.14.04~ snakecracker
    ImgBurn *Reaper*
    InstallWatch Pro 2.5c~ Geej
    Image Resizer 3.0.4802.35565~ *Reaper*
    Inno Setup 5.5.4~ *Reaper*
    Internet Download Manager (IDM) 5.18 build 4~ DaRk MaDnEsS
    iTunes dotfusion
    Java Runtime Environment 8 Update 25 v8.0.250.18~ *Reaper*
    K-Lite Codec Pack 9.7.5~ dotfusion
    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware *Reaper*
    Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)~ *Reaper*
    Microsoft PlayReady PC Runtime 1.3.2297.0~ *Reaper*
    Microsoft .NET 4.5.1~ abbodi1406
    Microsoft Security Essentials~ dotfusion
    Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514.0~ *Reaper*
    Mozilla Firefox &amp;amp;amp; Waterfox 18.0.1~ *Reaper*
    Mozilla Thunderbird 11.0.1~ *Reaper*
    MP3 Quality Modifier 2.51~ Geej
    NFOpad 1.69~ *Reaper*
    Notepad2 *Reaper*
    Partition Wizard Home Edition *Reaper*
    PhotoScape 3.6.2~ *Reaper*
    Prime95 *Reaper*
    Rapidshare Auto Downloader 3.6.2~ Jatin Beniwal
    RegShot *Reaper*
    Resource Hacker *Reaper*
    RocketDock 1.3.5~ snakecracker
    Spybot - Search &amp;amp;amp; Destroy 1.6.2~ *Reaper*
    SpywareBlaster *Reaper*
    TrojanHunter 5.3 Build 994~ *Reaper*
    Universal Extractor *Reaper*
    Universal Silent Switch Finder Geej
    Unlocker 1.9.2~ *Reaper*
    uTorrent 1.8.4~ Jatin Beniwal
    VDownloader 1.0~ snakecracker
    VLC media player *Reaper*
    Web Browser Selection 1.04~ Legolash2o
    Win Toolkit *Reaper*
    WinAMP 5.666~ MAXtoriX
    Windows Calendar~ MAXtoriX
    WinRAR 5.20~ *Reaper*
    Theme Addons
    Microsoft Official International Windows 7 Themes~ *Reaper*
    Windows 7 Regional &amp;amp;amp; Xclusive Theme Pack~ Jatin Beniwal
    Tools, Patches, Tweaks, Etc.. AddOns
    Mr Jinje DISM Tool *Reaper*
    Logon Changer Seven 1.1~ Jatin Beniwal
    Universal Termsrv Patch~ Jatin Beniwal
    .WAInstaller DaRk MaDnEsS
    Universal TCPIP Patch 1.2~ Jatin Beniwal
    Windows Evaluation Watermark Remover~ Jatin Beniwal
    Windows 7 Tweaker~ Jatin Beniwal
    NOTE: These addons do not pre-patch the files. They just pre-install the programs that allow you to patch the required files.
    Feel Free to submit your Addons to this Growing list, Just post the name and link to your addon below
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    NIM reacted to waleder in Purple Theme for XP   
    Purple Theme for XP by waleder
    with superbar

    Download Link :http://waleder.deviantart.com/art/Purple-Theme-for-XP-158310449
    Thank u

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    NIM reacted to ricktendo in [Video] Windows 7 AIK/OPK deployment 101 (Updated)   
    Mount image

    DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:<dir>:\<path>\<filename>.wim /Index:<#> /MountDir:<dir>:\<path_to_empty_folder>
    Integrate MSU/CAB updates

    DISM /Add-Package /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /PackagePath:<dir>:\<folder_with_updates>
    Integrate multiple drivers

    DISM /Add-Driver /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /Driver:<dir>:\<folder_with_drivers> /recurse
    Integrate unsigned driver

    DISM /Add-Driver /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /Driver:<dir>:\<folder_with_driver>\<inf_name>.inf /forceunsigned
    Remove driver

    DISM /Remove-Driver /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /Driver:oem<#>.inf
    Turn off feature

    DISM /Disable-Feature /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /FeatureName:<feature_name>
    Turn off features (multi)

    FOR %i IN (<featurename1> "<feature name 2>" <feature-name-3>) DO DISM /Disable-Feature /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /FeatureName:%i
    Unhide packages (optional)

    install_wim_tweak /p <dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /m
    Remove package

    DISM /Remove-Package /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /PackageName:Microsoft-Windows-<example>-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385
    Unmount image

    DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /commit [/discard]
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    NIM reacted to ricktendo in [Video] Windows 7 AIK/OPK deployment 101 (Updated)   
    Created some videos on the topic of Windows AIK/OPK, how I use it to update my image...
    OLD Videos
    Part #1 HD 720
    Part #2 HD 720
    Part #3 HD 720
    NEW Videos
    Preinstalling Applications and Capturing Image HD 1080
    Others will come in the next few weeks...
    How to install Windows 7 on a virtual hard disk (VHD)
    Use Reverse Integration to slipstream Windows Vista SP1 and SP2
    Windows OPK Videos
    Default Windows 7 Keys
    Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK)
    Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 documentation (May 2010 Update)
    SoLoR's Hotfix Repository (Recommended)
    FireGeier Unattended Vista Guide
    Hotfix Extractor
    InstallWimTweak & Packages.xls (Optional)
    GImageX (Optional)
    GDism (Optional)
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    NIM reacted to meLanChoLia in CCleaner 2.28.1091 T   
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    NIM reacted to dougiefresh in XPtsp Beta GUI v2.999.0.1   
    Ik heb deze thread gemaakt voor de discussie over een beta versie van de XP-thema Source Patcher GUI.
    Deze beta is bedoeld om de packs te "vertalen" vanuit het Engels naar de taal van het huidige besturingssysteem, via de "live" integratie of voor de cd installatie.
    Het "vertalen" word gedaan door het kopiëren van de strings van de originele bestanden en deze te plaatsen in de res files van het pack en deze te hercompileren.
    Na wat beperkte tests te hebben gedaan met een Nederlandse kopie van XP, lijkt het succesvol te zijn.
    Echter, ik heb mensen nodig van alle talen die verdere tests zouden willen doen! Als u iets ziet wat aangepast moet worden, plaats dan een screenshot in deze thread. post aub alles wat u tegen komt, Ik stel elke vorm van hulp erg op prijs.
    Zowel de resources als extras zijn gescheiden van de GUI om de download grootte van de GUI te minimaliseren.
    Downloaden van het themapakket en extra pakket nodig zullen zijn om de GUI te kunnen gebruiken.
    Let op dat de patcher beheerdersrechten nodig heeft om correct te kunnen werken.
    Het taalbestand English.ini moet nog worden vertaald in alle verschillende talen. Als het je wat lijkt dit te vertalen, post het dan alstublieft hier, zodat ik het kan downloaden en deze op kan nemen in de volgende versie.
    FileName: XPtsp_v2.999.0.1_Beta.exe
    Size: 1.7mb, MD5: cdda9d8ad17a58c713a4498eafcd5025
    Download Page: http://www.xptsp.com/XPtsp_Beta.php
    Source Integration Screenshots:

    Live Patch Screenshots:

    Control Panel Applet Page:

    Uninstall Page:

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    NIM reacted to dougiefresh in [Closed] Beta GUI v2.999.0.3 - April 17, 2010   
    What's Changed in the Green Beta theme:
    - Bootscreens were replaced with those from the XPtsp batch versions.
    - Version info was removed from RES files so that files weren't mis-identified as those from Vista.
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    NIM got a reaction from rebi in What is Bonjour?mDNSResponder?   
    1. What is Bonjour?
    Bonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. Bonjour uses industry standard IP protocols to allow devices to automatically discover each other without the need to enter IP addresses or configure DNS servers. Specifically, Bonjour enables automatic IP address assignment without a DHCP server, name to address translation without a DNS server, and service discovery without a directory server. Bonjour is an open protocol which Apple has submitted to the IETF as part of the ongoing standards-creation process. To learn more, check out theBonjour Protocol Specifications which detail the technologies that make up Link-Local and Wide-Area Bonjour.
    2. What is mDNSResponder?
    mDNSResponder is a Bonjour system service that implements Multicast DNS Service Discovery for discovery of services on the local network, and Unicast DNS Service Discovery for discovery of services anywhere in the world. mDNSResponder is built into Mac OS X and can be downloaded as part of Bonjour for Windows. Applications like iTunes, iPhoto, iChat and Safari use mDNSResponder to implement zero-configuration network music sharing, photo sharing, chatting and file sharing, and discovery of remote user interfaces for hardware devices like printers and web cameras. mDNSResponder is also used to discover and print to Bonjour printers and USB printers connected to the AirPort Extreme and Express base stations. mDNSResponder is open source, and hardware device manufacturers are encouraged to embed themDNSResponder source code directly into their products to benefit from zero-configuration networking.
    3. Does Bonjour work between multiple subnets?
    Yes. The first release of DNS Service Discovery [DNS-SD] for Mac OS X concentrated on Multicast DNS [mDNS] for single-link networks because this was the environment worst served by IP software. Starting in Mac OS X 10.4, Bonjour now uses Dynamic DNS Update [RFC 2316] and unicast DNS queries to enable wide-area service discovery.
    4. Does Bonjour support "SOAP" RPC over HTTP?
    Yes. Bonjour defines a new protocol for discovering services [DNS-SD], however, it places no restrictions on the type of services you discover. Thus you can discover SOAP services just as easily as you can discover iChat buddies and iTunes music libraries. In other words, Bonjour supports SOAP over HTTP as well as every other application protocol layered on top of TCP/IP or UDP/IP.
    5. Does Bonjour have any kind of subscription or notification mechanism?
    Yes. The reason that many people seem to be unaware that Bonjour also does notification is probably because it is simply an intrinsic property of the discovery protocol. With a well-designed discovery protocol, the same protocol that you use to discover some piece of information is also used to discover changes to that information. Discovery of static information, and discovery of variable information, and discovering when variable information changes are all just different points on the same spectrum. For an example of an application using Bonjour "notifications", check out iChat. When you change your Status from "Available" to "Away" or type in a status message, all other iChat clients on the local network are notified of the change.
    6. What should I pass in for the "name" parameter when registering a service?
    By default, you should choose a human-readable name that uniquely describes the service. iTunes, for example, chooses a default music sharing name by combining the computer user's first and last name, as in "Isaac Newton's Music". For most hardware devices, the default service name should be the full make and model of the product. For example, something like "Apple PowerBook G4". Remember, this is only the default name given out of the box, and the user should be allowed to customize the service name to differentiate multiple devices or services on the network.
    For application developers that are registering services, it may make sense to have one instance of that service on a given computer. In that case, rather than having your application present its own user-interface for the user to enter the name of the advertised service, it's more convenient to register using the system-provided default name known as the "Computer Name" in the Sharing Preference Panel. If you pass in an empty string ("") for the service name when registering, the system will automatically use the "Computer Name". Passing in an empty string will also handle name conflicts by automatically appending a digit to the end of the name.
    However, there are services where multiple instances may be hosted on the same computer. For example, a print server with three printers should advertise each printer as a first-class entity. Each printer should be advertised using a descriptive name that usefully identifies the printer itself. This is important, because the printer called "Marketing's Transparency Printer" might get moved to a different print server in the future, but the user shouldn't have to be aware of those operational details. They should still see the same service advertised on the network under the same name, even though it's on a different print server now.
    7. What should I pass in for the "type" parameter when registering a service?
    You must pass a string of the form "_applicationprotocol._transportprotocol". Currently "_transportprotocol" must be either "_tcp" or "_udp". Your "applicationprotocol" must be 14 characters or less and should be registered with the DNS-SD Web Site. If your protocol requires a well known port number, you should also register with IANA so they can add you to the list of registered protocol names and port numbers. Please see QA1312 for the list of service types used by Mac OS X.
    8. What should I pass in for the "domain" parameter when registering a service?
    If you pass an empty string (""), then Mac OS X will automatically do the right thing. In Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3, it will register using just link-local multicast. Starting in Mac OS X 10.4, it will automatically register your service in a user-chosen unicast DNS domain as well, if applicable. You only need to pass a specific string if you have some particular reason to want to register in some specific remote domain.
    9. What should happen when two devices on the network both use the same service name?
    In the rare case where a name collision occurs, your device should add a digit to the end of the name, for example:
    "Apple Mac mini (2)"
    Applications and devices that call Bonjour APIs like DNSServiceRegister and CFNetServiceRegisterWithOptions will automatically get this name changing behavior when name conflicts occur. For devices that have a screen and are capable of user input, instead of appending a number, you could optionally decide to prompt the user for a more unique name.
    10. What is the TXT record used for?
    The specific nature of the TXT record and how it is to be used is service type dependent. Each service type will define zero or more name/value pairs used to store meta-data about each service. These name/value pairs should be formatted as described in Section 6 of DNS-Based Service Discovery. Please see QA1306 for information on how TXT records should be formatted when using the Mac OS X APIs. Also, the DNS-SD Web Site has information regarding the currently defined name/value pairs for common service types.
    11. After the user browses the network in my application and selects the service instance they wish to use, I should save that IP address in my application's preference file, right?
    Wrong. This is a common mistake. With DHCP (and with link-local addressing) it is not safe to assume that the service instance will have the same IP address tomorrow. Addresses can change. Service names are the intended stable identifiers for a service instance. Save the instance name (name, type, and domain) in your application's preference file, then Resolve it on demand each time the user accesses the service. Note also that you should not store the host name and port number, because you shouldn't assume that the service instance will necessarily be running on the same port number tomorrow. Instead of storing the host name, store the service instance name (name, type, and domain) and then when you Resolve the service instance name at the time of use you are sure to get the up-to-date IP address and port number.
    12. My hardware device has a built-in web server used for configuration. Should I register it using Bonjour?
    Yes. You should register every service running on your device, for example, HTTP, FTP, SSH, Telnet. The Safari web browser can discover web servers advertised with Bonjour, and Internet Explorer on Windows can discover web servers when Bonjour for Windows is installed. Also, the Terminal application in Mac OS X 10.3 can discover FTP, SSH, and Telnet servers.
    How To Uninstall or Remove Bonjour mDNSResponder.exe
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    NIM reacted to *Reaper* in CPU-Z - v1.71.1   

    CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.

    Changelog: 1.71.1Intel Core M processors (1.71.1)New CPU-Z logo (1.71.1)AMD Athlon X2 450, Athlon X4 840 and Athlon X4 860K (Kaveri).AMD FX-8370, FX-8370E, FX-8320E (Vishera).Improved support for Intel X99 chipset.Support for Microsoft Windows 10.Version: 1.71.1
    Addon Release Date: December 3, 2014
    Shortcut created in: Control Panel
    Uninstallable: Yes
    Credit: *Reaper*

    NOTE: This is a dual addon... If your using a x64 system, it will install the x64 version. If your using a x86 system, it will install the x86 version.
    Must use Win Toolkit or higher!

    - 1.57 MB
    - 67d242d8edde5203706643cd96131af9
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    NIM reacted to arsenalz in [SVCPACK] Addon BurnPro 5.5.1   
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    NIM reacted to arsenalz in [SVCPACK] Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010   
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    NIM reacted to acus in Messenger 5.1 per XP   
    per chi vuole aggiornare messenger dal 4.7 al 5.1,
    al seguente link
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    NIM got a reaction from ricktendo in Fake Intel i7 Processors on NewEgg   
    Interesting huh
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    NIM reacted to Kirs in Boot screen ?   
    @ LeGendxp: Well... I tried... 16 colors isn't much to work with lol... So I ended up with this:

    You can use the LBS patcher to easily change it
    Here you can download the bitmaps (extract with 7zip).
    Otherwise you'll have to hexedit each of the 4 kernels with the colorpallet of the .bmp's yourself and add the .bmp's (background + progress bar) to all of the kernels in your XP CD Source. Two kernels in the I386 folder and four in the Driver.cab file.
    Hope you like,
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    NIM reacted to *Reaper* in Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) - v5.19   
    Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)
    This tool checks your computer for infection by specific, prevalent malicious software (including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom)
    and helps to remove the infection if it is found. Microsoft will release an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday
    of each month.
    Version: 5.19
    Platform: x86 & x64
    Addon Release Date: December 11, 2014
    Uninstallable: Yes
    Credit: *Reaper*
    NOTE: Due to the download server limitations, we can no longer upload .exe files.
    So after you download these just unzip the downloaded file to get your silent installer.
    Note: Add these as silent installers... No Switches needed!
    - 35.5 MB
    - ea766d42eef491fcec8876e67b1cc005
    - 34.6 MB
    - dce418c48d62da7b0932ccba314f0ed7
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    NIM reacted to Gae in Google Chrome Svcpack Ita Addon   
    Google Chrome

    @12.697.600 byte

    CRC32: 181F82C0

    Hash MD5: 6CD95E75840CDBB14C52A9E8BFA468A0

    SHA-1: E94E82A33729EEC6975B077CEF97E68BC61688EB

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    NIM got a reaction from mona in [Windows 7] How to create a new theme   
    Some of you might Google before you find out that Microsoft made a tutorial on how to customize a Windows 7 theme. For that purpose I will post that tutorial for your information.
    You can change individual parts of a theme (the pictures, colors, and sounds), and then save the revised theme for your own use or to share with other people.
    To change parts of a theme
    Open Personalization by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type personalization, and then click Personalization.
    Click the theme that you want to change to apply it to your desktop.
    Do one or more of the following:
    To change the background, click Desktop Background, select the check box for the image that you want to use, and then click Save changes.
    To change the color of window borders, click Window Color, click the color that you want to use, adjust the intensity, and then click Save changes.
    To change the sounds for the theme, click Sounds, click an item in the Sound Schemes list, and then click OK.
    To add or change a screen saver, click Screen Saver, click an item in the Screen saver list, change any settings that you want to change, and then click OK.
    Your revised theme will appear under My Themes as an unsaved theme.
    To save a revised theme for your use only
    To save your revised theme to use on your computer, follow these steps:
    Open Personalization by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type personalization, and then click Personalization.
    Click your revised theme to apply it to the desktop.
    Click Save theme.
    Type a name for your theme, and then click Save.
    The theme will appear under My Themes. Note that themes saved this way can't be shared with other people.
    To save a revised theme to share with friends and family.
    To share a revised theme, follow the steps below. You can share your theme using e‑mail, a network, or an external hard disk.
    Open Personalization by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type personalization, and then click Personalization.
    Click your revised theme to apply it to the desktop.
    Right-click the theme, and then click Save theme for sharing.
    In the File name box, type a name for your theme, and then click Save.
    By default, Windows saves the theme in your My Documents folder.
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