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  1. hello @Win10-Hater and welcome to the forum its me VistaEX!
  2. what is the best place to find all of the windows xp update until 2014? Ive looked all over and cant find any place to download them if any one on here knows of a place like that it would be greatly appreciated -legacyfan20
  3. the list showing how many people have viewed my profile is blank and shows no one has viewed my profile is there any way to fix this back?
  4. here is a archive.org archive for windows vista sp2 all in one by i430vx https://archive.org/details/en_windows_vista_sp2_x64_dvd_342267_201906
  5. and here is windows 7 pro sp1 from archive.org https://archive.org/details/windows7professionalx64 by jordan t. flinn
  6. this topic should be pinned so that it can always be found if any one needs to download windows 7
  7. here is a download link to windows 7 home premium untouched isos from archive.org if you still need it https://archive.org/details/win7-home-prem-sp1-english by m000
  8. as the title says Ive got a new install of windows 7 that runs really slow and would like to know what the best way is to make it run faster again any answers i can get would be really appriciated -legacyfan20
  9. hello! my name is casimir and i m 21 years old my favorite things are old technologys like game systems computers software etc my dream is to become a windows expert and i hope to learn from this forum --Legacyfan20
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