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  1. I'm trying to get an optane 905p working on my z390 dark with XP SP3. It sees it as a PCI device on bus 7 and it is recognized in the bios. However, it is not recognized as a drive in the OS. I used the storport.sys with SMART support, and the StorAhci_V1.0_20200928.rar. Should I need to do anything other than replace storport.sys?


    I think I found the two files I missed in the previous archive. Playing with it more now.


    I'm now using the storport.sys, stornvme.sys, and stornvme.inf from the 905p suggestions archive. I see in event manager that \Device\RaidPort3 and \Device\RaidPort4 and \Device\RaidPort5 encountered an error with stornvme.sys. It then seems to try to make a crash dump and fails.


    Disabled Raid in the bios. The message says the error is on "\Device\RaidPort3". Attempting to update the driver for the NVME express controller just iterates the RaidPort (then, RaidPort4...5...etc)

  2. Now that you mention it, I actually have one of the PCI-E intel optane drives. I completely forgot about it. I wonder if I can fit that into the build. Thank you @Dietmar!


    Looking at optane a bit more and its really cool. TBH when I first bought the drive, I was merely copying a freenas user's build trying to learn from it several years ago. I didn't completely understand why they were picking it. Will be keeping an eye out for more.

  3. I finally got XP working on my z390 dark. Turned out the CPU I received was dead.

    I feel like its been discussed before, but I'm struggling to find a good resource for installing XP to NVME. I'm worried about buying one and then its not compatible. Is there a gotcha, like a particular brand to prefer for a driver? I feel like I read something about Samsung working better, but I either can't find it again or I dreamed it.

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