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  1. I need to change this because I can not use F6 during OS installation

    Do you need the F6 functionaliuty to load mass storage drivers during Text Mode setup phase?

    If so, you may want to slipstream the driver(s) directly into the CD/DVD, thereby eliminating the need to supply any drivers via floppy disc.

    DriverPacks can help you with this task.

  2. Hey, I really like your addon! :)

    Only thing I'm missing is international language support.

    Although the settings menu gives you the option to download a language packet, it does not seem to work after you have ripped the language files, somehow.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to put those files back in (shouldn't blow up the filesize by much) so this addon is among the evergrowing group of international addons on this forum.

    While English is no problem for most users, not everone uses an English OS and a unified language of OS and apps is what I call aesthetic ;)

  3. nLite and WPI here

    Same here!

    Stuff I always want in (like Update Packs, Kel's CP addons, stuff I can't live without (Taskbar Shuffle, QT bars etc.) and some minor tweaks and fixes) I use nLite for, the rest (also big apps such as Nero, Office etc) WPI.

    Much more convenient, plus, I don't have to install everything when I'm just doing a test run (but I don't want to miss the aforementioned apps even then!).

  4. Hello everyone, I have 5 old computers that I'm donating to a local charity. Before I donate them I'd like to wipe and install windows XP on them...

    That is very honourable of you, however, unless you are also going to donate five licenses of Windows XP, you shouldn't install it on the PCs, then give them away.

    While it may still be generous of you to equip the new owners with a system that works out of the box and features a well-known and still popular OS, you'd also make them use warez and they may not even know it!

    In your case, unless the required licenses are included, you'd be better of either installing no OS at all and just donating the HW or installing a Linux distribution, possibly the newbie-friendly Ubuntu, to keep the new owners out of potential trouble.

    Anyway, not trying to teach you about software licenses, just giving a friendly advice in case you overlooked the problematic.

    Maybe the new owners (a school possibly) already owns a couple of licenses for XP and has some to spare - then you could of course preinstall without fear.

    It may be best to check this beforehand.

    I certainly do not want a generous donator be accused of spreading warez :/

  5. people still use icq? :D

    Yeah, really makes you wonder.

    Go use Miranda, Pidgin, qip or whatever other multi-messenger you like but please God, ditch that ad-bloated crapware ICQ!

    Also, all of the above-mentioned programmes allow you to connect to several protocols simultaneously, so you don't have to open up ICQ, MSN, AIM et al at the same time...

    So, because you asked whether you should make this addon:

    My answer is NO!

    Rather help users getting away from it - with releasing and force-updating version 6 on people I managed to rescue some more lost souls without efford! ;)

  6. @ helmi. Thank for info about rapidshare!

    No problem.

    It's not working completely right now (not with this set of "stupid" CAT-CHAs), but otherwise I really recommend using JDownloader for RS.com and other OCHs.

    Personally, I like it better than USD - it even contains a nice auto-update function and does not require to be installed anyhow (uses JAVA and is hence platform-independant).

    Might make for a nice AddOn, if you ask me :D

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