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  1. Best to use VirtualBox and create/install to a VHD... You mount it via diskmgmt.msc, action, attach vhd

    If you want to keep using VMware find a tool that can convert the VMDK to VHD or one that will allow you to mount a VMDK same as you can a VHD


    THANKS, I was just a bit confused when I followed your video using VMware, but already manage thru VirtualBox... Trying to manage to change the default theme but no luck, do I need to do thru answer file?


    a bit off-topic: I installed your .net slim thru sysprep, image it then check thru vm if its installed then everything is ok but when I try to go back to KUC to install WMF, KUC reported that .net is not installed?

  2. I also encounter similar problem, especially those updates under Additional folder of Mcrip Repo... Hope someone could give us a hint which will be as silent installer or place as prerequisite (like ie 9) for example RDP 8; kb2574819 should be installed first prior to KB2592687

  3. Not sure if this question had been posted and answered but couldn't find it on piles of thread...

    How do I integrate .cab files, like: Windows6.1-KB2023591-x86.cab, Windows6.1-KB2521168-x86.cab, Windows6.1-KB2525084-v2-x86.cab...

    Thanks in advance.

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