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  1. I question this:

    ; Language (automatic)HKCU,"Software\DT Soft\DAEMON Tools Pro\View","Language",0x10001,%LANG%; 040E is the language ID for Hungarian[Strings];----------------------------------; L o c a l i z e d  S t r i n g s;----------------------------------LANG    ="1038";---------------------------; M i s c e l l a n e o u s;---------------------------CHECK  ="1"UNCHECK="0"

    I found problem!

    No DT Soft for registry!

    Correct Line:

    HKCU,"Software\Disc Soft\DAEMON Tools Pro\View","Language",0x10001,%LANG%

    (but I not try this correction at this moment)


    Hello! How to rebuild ricktendo package?

    I want to rebuild lang pack and new (updated) package. Example: how create x86.reg Wix toolset?

    Thanks Gabee.


    Hello :)

    - get an application that monitors other program install and reports the changes in Files and Registry (like total uninstall, Perfect uninstaller, etc..)

    - do a fresh Win 7 install

    - install and run the monitor application

    - install ricktendo rebuilt package

    - get the changes report (total uninstall offer the registry changes in a .reg file)

    - nevertheless, the .reg file will require some modifications to make it appropriate.


    Thanks answer. :)

  3. Hello!

    x86 for Vista:




    Thanks G.

  4. Hello!

    Install Windows 7 for virtualbox and install WAIK for Vista and 2008 in win7!

    Start for WinNT6.x True Integrator and set my Vista wim file and WORK!

    But if starting Vista for application, then no install 7 and blah blah bla

    much more comfortable.

    Please rewritten in app for version block if solvable and send to me!

    Im very glad if resolve in my problem!

    Sorry my bad English!

    Thanks Gabee.

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