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  1. anyways , did you try removing user32.dll.res or deleting the cursors from the res and test to see fi it fixes the problem?

    but im begining to think it may not be related as i re-red ure post and you said right after txtsetup.are you using driverpack.net slipstreamer?

    Im pretty much using a simple Windows XP Sp3 Disc. Heres the steps how i made to check what was the problem.

    1. Added Addons/update Packs with Ryanvm Integrator. (also patched bootscreen resources so i wouldnt have to recabbed the Drivers.cab

    2. Used nLite to slim down Xp Source

    3. Tested the Windows XP Sp3 (Yeah it worked)

    4. Then From here i tested the 2 ways of applying the resources.

  2. then Kaylar said:

    lol. i think RisingXun is saying "Okay" and is not refering to u Kaylar ;)

    my interpretation is:

    "O"kay, ive just used the addon....

    (i could be wrong tho)

    LOL, oh man, i wondered how you think kay was kaylar, the posts within this topic was not even directed to kaylar. the only posts he/she has in this topic was about intro.wmv.

    yeah kay for me is actually "Okay"

  3. have any had any problems with the XPtsp v1.4.5.2 update on a clean xp install disc? im getting a "setup.exe was unable to be copied correctly", then once the OS reboots and tries to enter GUI setup mode, it crashes a restarts.

    I remember having v1.4.x (i think i was using v1.4.1) and it was working perfectly. i know its the updated files because i tested the Xptsp Black version and i dont get these errors.

  4. hi RisingXun I Using new scrip

    now only patched msc file and some file and sound file

    and in a Checksum,ResPatch not see error

    i m using xpprosp2 not patched with update pack software

    and after patch all msc file dosnt work

    can you any one create msc file for sp2

    im sure that the script patches the resources and the msc are just being replaced. the script just copy the files in the appropriate directory

    Edit: when i say replace, i mean that the file must exist before there, this is in the script because i dont want to add files that i took out prior to the clean install of windows

  5. Well ive tested the XptspScriptLive with SfcEnabled . While patching the annoying dialogs shows up constantly. but in the end the patching still works. :). if anybody out there that has sfc enabled. test and confirm it please. Else it would just be my system doing its charm

    2 Autoit people

    are U locking yer scripts ?

    i dont have a problem releasing my scripts. i already did with the XptspScript (Source Patcher). its just right now i dont feel like i should.

  6. I tried those same lines when I was building the live installer and came to the conclusion that they only work on a system with the SFC already installed. (Conclusion supported by research into those settings...) Some of those settings are useless without an immediate reboot, something I know you don't want to do before starting to patch files. Others are useless without the SFC patch installed.

    Yeah, my system was already had pre-patched sfc on a clean install. and that is why i found no files in the DLLCACHE except for catalogs files. I will probably switch back to an original sfc dll to do more testing

  7. EDIT: Also, are you accounting for WFP? How about the DLLCACHE?

    im Not sure if the method in VISO.Live works but i just converted it into autoit

    These Lines Here:

    Reg Add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" /v "SfcDisable" /t REG_DWORD /d 4294967197 /F>nul
    Reg Add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" /v "SfcQuota" /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /F>nul
    Reg Add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" /v "SFCScan" /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /F>nul
    Reg Add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" /v "SFCShowProgress" /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /F>nul
    Reg Add "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager" /v "AllowProtectedRenames" /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /F>nul

    [Released] XptspScriptLive

    Version: 1.4


    +Rewrote Patching method

    +Added Registry to AutoLogon

    +Added a "Check" For Res And Files

    +Took Out Patching For "NTKRNLPA.EXE" & "NTOSKRNL.EXE" (Just Until i can Make sure that it will not be corrupted, Else you wont be able to boot up your system )

    DLhere: http://www.mediafire.com/?mjez3dklwmy

  8. I hope this helps. :thumbsup_anim: (By the way, when I responded about the way the GUI works, you said you didn't know how my script works. Hopefully, my explanation helps..... If not, well.....)

    well yeah because you script might be setup to be something like




    And still work.

    in my case it wont,

    i use the "$Filename[$X][0]" array as a indication of what res file i would use.

    as for the BOOTSCR.RES for 4 different files, i would have to edit add a few lines

  9. RisingXun I try XPtspScriptLive.v1.0 only patched 2 file why

    CLICONFG.EXE cmd.exe

    thats a very weird situation.

    Was the XptspScriptLive1.X.exe Placed in the same Directory as Xptsp.bat?


    Edit: After running the script: there should be a ResPatch.Log and Checksum.txt created in the same directory, Check it and see whats the error

    *I have also tested this with the Xptsp.Blue and Xptsp.Purple to see if this script is working, and it is

    Step 1 - The Live.Patch section is used for copying the original file as well as the resource file to the backup folder.

    Okok, its just because i based the File list off your Xptsp AND the VISO Live.

    so what if there was a line like this.

    IEXPLORE.DLL.MUI=%Prog%\Internet Explorer\en-US\

    Note*theres only 1 Line like that.

    Question: is there suppose to be a NTOSKRNL.EXE.Res and NTKRNLPA.EXE.Res in the Xptsp?

  10. :confused02:

    RisingXun: I already got those lines in my INI file under the Live.Patch section ....

    Yeah i know its in your ini file. im stating that i think it has a typo or somewhat

    FROM This:


    TO This:


    EDIT: well i dont know how you setup your script for patching, these lines may not be a problem

    1 More Lines that are missing the .ext, Again, i do not now how you would use these name for patching. Filename (left of the "=") may just be for reference, i dotn know.. :o

    HMMAPI.MUI=%Prog%\Internet Explorer\en-US\hmmapi.dll.mui



    I never believed that the patching would be done in about 2 mins (Referring to amnesia previous post asking me how long it would take to convert the VISO.Live to autoit)



    Now i Do!!! 136 Seconds!!

    How Fast Can your Computer Patch


    [Released] XptspScriptLive

    Version 1.1

    Language: Autoit3


    +Does Search for all Files that needs to be patch. (Lists Are based on VISO Live 2.7)

    +Replaces Existing Files such as *msc *wav *bmp etc... with files from Xptsp\Extras to Appropriate paths

    *Basically its does Everything the VISO Live 2.7 and Live.Patcher from the Xptsp GUI EXCEPT

    1. Add Fonts

    2. Add/Replace Cursors

    3. DOES NOT!! Patch Logonui.exe, its seems to be corrupted after the patching

    To me, those was not important at all.

    DLHere: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ynntqujedm

  11. EDIT: @dougiefresh, i believe there are 2 Lines that must be corrected. Found this out when making my XptspScritLive


    Heres an XptspScript For Live Patching. Its just 50~70 Lines or so. this actually took 3 hours total with testing. i was way off from my estimate of 2-3 days.

    Written in Autoit3.

    *Note: This Script Just patch the Files in "Windows\" and "System32\", i just wanted the "main" files to be patched. Also, it does NOT keep the backup files


    1. Extract Xptsp v1.X batch or Higher

    2. Place XptspScriptLive.v1.0.exe in Directory containing XPtsp.bat

    3. Run Script

    Simple eZ and Fast. Enjoy

    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?maymoydtoyt

  12. Ok, so since ive already started this simple project i wanted to finish it, Im pretty certain that it does about 99% of what the batch script does. If there were to be more resources added to the Xptsp, this same script will be able to find the file and patch it

    XPtspScript.rar Contains:


    -Compile Program


    All you have to do is, Replace the Xptsp.bat in the XPtsp.exe and replace the Entries_Xptsp.ini with mine.

    Test it and report any problems, any would do (hoping it would improve my autoit skills)

    Removed:Sorry, Previous version had a minor error.

    Fixed. Redownload Here


    @Enu_user: your missing "@Plugins" line under dirdelete in the entries, it wont get deleted for me if its not there.

    Lmfao, ive spent so much time extracting and re-archiving the sfx file when i couldve just open it in winrar and add the file to have an updated sfx with XptspScript.exe. WinRAR is KING

  13. 2 RisingXun

    i'm just curious, how hard would be to convert VISO.Live.2.7 (these are the simple batches) to autoit script ?

    is there any simple convertor U know of ? :)


    well it depends on how i would want it to patch the files, it might take two day maybe three. basically its based on the best way to setup the program. Copying the files > Patching > moving it back is easy

    and there are no converter that i know of at the moment

    Edit: well the XPtsp GUI already has a function for a Live Patching.

  14. don't kill the manual patcher as there is already a script ..


    the script reads the resources and the extra folder it will be good if you or anyone else updates at least those

    that will be updated shortly for anyone that wants to test ..

    + the script deals with other ways of patching the cd files

    now if you go and kill the the manual patcher you will surly piss me of :P, if that's what you are looking to do !/!

    anyways I went all over the script and now testing it again against the other packs that i have updated .. it will be ready in a wile (just hold on to your pants RisingXun & all)


    the script will allow integrating xptsp on the fly along the other addons or updatepack

    you simply download the updated xptsp file and place in under plugins directory of integrator

    ill will add more info to that post later ...

    Woot Nice,

    It will be very Convenient to have it setup like this





    Updating the Resource would be very Easy that way. Just a thought

  15. Yes, but if you integrate the batch addon during the same integration as ANY updatepack, then the batch addon will not patch correctly since the updatepack forces key files into the rvmtemp dir.

    that can be easily fixed...

    First you would have to see if the RvmTemp Dir Exists...

    Then Check what files there are to patch

    If files are found then copy/move to Temp\ Folder to be patched

    Delete Found File in RvmTemp

    Move Patched file in Temp\ Back to RVMTemp

    [RunFile] Only in Siginet's: RyanVM Integrator.


    ;This section allows you to Run a file before driver.cab is or is not repackaged.

    I based my little "Fix" on this quote here. i believe it allows the script to be ran right before the driver gets cabbed.

    And also, this script wont support the sp?.cab that exist because when i create my disc in RvmIntegrator, the Driver.cab and Sp?.cab are combined as one

    EDIT: there drivers get extracted to rvmtemp\extracted by the integrator

  16. when i mean remove ,i mean remove resources in the file. then patch the said file with the wanted .res.

    i wasnt even sure that the script batch even do that. I basically used the same command found in the XPtsp.bat file.

    ResHack -addoverwrite Temp\Filename.Ext, Temp\Filename.Ext, Resources\Filename.Ext.Res,,,

    there are no other codes that shows the removal of Resources in the files before patching


    either way ure fu*ed. nlite has to decompress the cab file,and xptsp has to decompress the cab file.

    the script adds :

    windows sound scheme files <<cabbed

    oobe files <<cabbed

    user account bmps <<cabbed

    .msc files <<nlite dosent touch these

    theme <<cabbed

    setup.exe and autorun resource folde

    approx total size:9-10 mbs. so this means if you've removed all that you can with n lite and passed xptsp after, it will add that much on top of the size it would have produced after patching anyways.

    Yeah, since im a RVMIntegrator user also, for addons/updates i know that it has to decompress and recab the file, but it wont take as long... O_o :)

    the files the script adds >> thats only because the batch does check if the files exist before it tries to replace it. so if i run my script AFTER nLite. there would be no problems of that because i do check if the file exists on the i386 source to be replace.

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