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  1. i won't switch to other AV now.. i will stick with nod32.. i think it is not that much resource hungry..i have also been using this since v2

    I have also been using it from v2, and now its at v4 and there have been ALOT of changes. Much better scanning speeds, really good virus definition base, doesn't flash to many false positives (compared to others, almost none). I wont change av until something better comes out.

  2. It would almost be impossible to do it too, because the GUI is built for the firewall plus all of the other stuff (anti-spam, tools...). In the end it probably wouldn't work when it comes to updating anyways. As N1K said, just get the antivirus.

  3. Is there a program to remove monochrome/16 bit icons from an exe/dll? I have been looking around, but havent really found what I was looking for. I am doing the removal in mass quantities so I do not want to do it by hand if necessary. ;)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

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