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  1. I could, I just dont like using then because I get really crappy speeds. And yes I have forwarded my port.

    I guess ill just have to wait for it to download. Ha ha, anyone want to upload x64 7075 to megaupload or mediafire for me. :P

  2. Im still thinking, I have heard that W7 has a big power increase, and also a big FPS increase also. Now I wish Microsoft had the newest download, but they had to stop. <_<

    Is there a way to get the new build?

  3. I am debating to stay with my current partition rite now, or wait till W7 is released. Rite now I am running Vista, but I am having application error problems, so I cannot play lots of my games (mostly Steam based). So, I am debating wether or not to repartition, or wait. Any suggestions? Should I go with the Beta as of now?

  4. So far I like it (excpt the taskbar is not black, and I cant enable aero because its on a vc).I dont like the right click menu for the taskbar, it is elevated off of the bar when right clicking on your tabs and has a bunch of things that are not needed. The quick launch is also not default enabled. Another thing, the scrollbar in the startmenu doesnt work sometimes (doesnt move or gets stuck). But you can still scroll through with up/down arrows and mouse wheel.

  5. Looking good. I dont like the case to much, but that is me. Good, you got the rite board. Some boards have the PCI-E slots that go over the SATA ports, and over the RAM slots. One thing you should get is a new heatsink, the ones on the Q6600-9300 arnt to great.

    - Shadow

  6. Update

    NAR 1.2.3

    Fixed Default language selector.

    Added a select all/unselect all button.

    Added blind reader support.

    You now cannot go past the maximum number of charactures for the serial (so there is the exact ammount).

    If you mess up on inputing your serial, you can now re input the serial without it erroring.

    Added another application to remove.

    Fixed the commandline, error with serial.

    Please download this version, lots of bugs fixed.

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