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  1. You'll need to use a 4bit 16 color bmp whit a resolution of 640x480 pixels..

    atm i'm working on some new features that will i.e allow u to change the colors of the pallet and use zipped bitmaps in stead of boot.res files (for live patching)

    i'll also write a small tut how to make bootscreens using freeware only. i found that "gimp" works the best for me..(dont save with multiple opend layers)

    i'v remade some XPtsp bootscreens and hex edited them so u can see what u are doing :D

    BMP's to work from. dl:sample_lbs_boot.zip

    when done u can just use them as they are ... (u don't have to make them black for that)

    Check if the file properties are still the same after u saved your edited bitmap... (else you'll get a black screen or even a bsod)

    if u want to use your bitmaps in a XPtsp patcher u can only use the standard color pallet, else you'll have to do some hex editing to the kernels..

  2. i'll look at ie8 support soon (wanted to wait until the green is officially out)

    actually the black bmp's are home made..

    the blue bmp's are made a bit darker whit paint dot net's hue function

    and the purple was made by adding even more hue to the bitmaps from blue

    if u go even further it will turn red... :rolleyes:



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