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  1. Ok, Will try to make it something new but could you tell me which theme you would like in colured or simple as i already told you Windows xp has it's limitation for coloured bootscreens.

    If coloured i guess you would like to have in blue colour for Your Xptsp Neon Blue. Or Send you image file so i can create.

    I think blue colour is good

  2. It's good to know of problem solved of Logonui, Regarding Second query then yes it's possible to make a bootscreen for this image, But i thinks below image will be better in my opinion, and guess what i had already made a bootscreen for that.


    But remember it's important to know that it's look good in image preview but as you will boot in real both mine or your's bootscreen will look fade in colour, because Windows xp doesn't support too much coloured image, as it only supports 16 colours palette with 4 bit colour depth. I hope you got my point.

    Some of bootscreens made by me




    Here is another Bootscreen made by Vishal and it also looks great, and great thing is that it's look good in real system boot.


    So i think it will be much better, but if you like bootscreen with fade colours then you can also use bootscreen of your image.

    If needed i will try to make make Something like blue bootscreen for your Xptsp Neon Blue.


    I need a new bootscreen if you do it. :type: Thank you

  3. The logonui problem is solved since.

    And there is another:ntoskrnl.exe to make a bootscreen.res

    Is it possible to make a bootscreen to look like this :questionmark:

    I think this would be very nice for my Xptsp Neon Blue.


  4. About the logonui:I'm getting error again

    And the version info I read this:1 VERSIONINFO

    FILEVERSION 6,0,2900,2180

    PRODUCTVERSION 6,0,2900,2180

    FILEOS 0x40004

    FILETYPE 0x2


    BLOCK "StringFileInfo"


    BLOCK "040904B0"


    VALUE "CompanyName", "Microsoft Corporation"

    VALUE "FileDescription", "Windows Logon UI"

    VALUE "FileVersion", "6.00.2900.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"

    VALUE "InternalName", "LOGONUI"

    VALUE "LegalCopyright", "

  5. Guys as Windows 7 is Rocking and is loved by everyone, i personally also like the interface of New Windows 7 and as all are trying to make Themes, Icons, Bitmaps, based on Windows 7 for Windows XP so i also thought to make Something based on Windows 7 and also to share my work with you.

    But for any new creativity one has to take inspiration from somewhere and i have been inspired by Winstyle Project 2009, I think you all now that Project.

    Since you all know the addon is not yet Finalized.Someweek back there was initial release of addon but in Russian language, as there was some bugs to be fixed so it has been removed for Downloading and right now it is in testing mode.So i thought to make Some Windows 7 Avi's for Windows XP as i was bored with Vista's Avi's.

    Hope you all liked it, If liked comments please for any suggestions.


    Moving Items...


    Copying Items...


    Deleting Items...


    More Yet to come...

    Till the Enjoy!!! :thumbsup_anim:

    It's fantastic

    Good job

    I will put your avi's the neon blue Xptsp :thumbsup_anim:

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