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  1. hi there :D nice little tool but i'd like to shouw you this one: ImageShack Hotspotimageshack20hotspotnb7.jpg

    Description: I am not satisfied with tools provided by ImageShack so I've created my own ImageShack Hotspot.

    Just unpack it and run!

    It is built with look and feel of FlashGet's floating button, so you can move it around the screen and everytime you move it, it will remember current position. It is also semi-transparent so you can see what's below it. If after all this it is still annoying, you can place it in system tray if you choose option "To/from tray" after you right click the frog. Choosing same option from system tray icon menu will remove it from tray and show it on the desktop. The process of uploading images very simple: Drag your image file (all ImageShack formats are supported) onto frog (that is Hotspot itself) and when you drop image file there upload process will begin.

    When finished successfully you will get three links of image file:

    1) direct image url

    2) html code for websites or MySpace

    3) bb code for forums

    Just click on one of three edit boxes and contents of that edit box will be copied in clipboard.

    Then press ESC to close window. After that you can paste copied string to your favourite program.

    i don't want to hijack this thread :P just wanted to show you ISH :D

    regards kHaN

    @cro-man: vielleicht gefaellt es dir ja :P / Mo

  2. it does even more :giveheart: assuming you are very bored :sleeping_03anim:

    set the stars to: 1

    start klicking and try to "catch" the star by klicking it again. Whenever you catched one, it starts to hover on the desktop :)

    you can then start to organize them by rightclicking them :D


    HAVE FUN :P and don't get mad

    hint: it will end counting when you've catched 1000stars, hehe

  3. Too bad, that MS had not implemented a function, to keep the sidebar only on the desktop.

    what you call this then?



    just uncheck that option :smiley_superman2: and you'll get what you want



    in diesem Sinn! Augen auf beim Eierkauf

    german byword :P open up your eyes when buying eggs

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