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  1. ok,well start with a png,do all ure transparency stuff,save in png,now pass the end result in :

    alpha image converter

    it does a real nice job,sometimes artifacts may show when viewing with a standard image viewing utility but when the end result bmp is inputted in the said res file or as the oemlogo.bmp everything shoold be in order.

    i'd also want you to read up a bit on what alpha image acctualy fixes.Quite intresting to see that apparently the big guys (adobe ..etc) arent outputting windows conformant transparency files,or is it just windows again acting up?i dunno.all i know alpha chan con works nice!,just remember to do all ure image editing while ure still in png mode,then convert ure final file using the utility.Good luck!

    Thanks Bober :) That is very helpful.

    I learned about alpha transparency only because some png's I created didn't have transparency in older IE6 browsers, which are common still in many schools and businesses. Since it was going to be accessed at a school among other places I had to do it, and I learned I could use Adobe Fireworks to create an 8-bit png with alpha transparency, which works well, though it is not quite as good as full blown png. Maybe Windows works under the same limitations as IE6 does? I don't know..

  2. Thanks Bober for your explanation. I'm gonna use the sysdm file out of the version then.

    Where can I find information how to make a bmp with transparent alpha channel? Or how do you do this? I tried Fireworks but could not find setting for alpha transparency for bmp (although I have used alpha channel on png's to make them show as transparent in older versions of IE).

  3. allredy fixed, pending release just to be sure everything is working .

    So just to be clear, so what you're saying is that the icon issue is fixed but that you haven't posted the version yet that has this update?

    Another question: I usually mod the System Information icon myself (below on the same tab), but I was not able to achieve transparency with the icon, so I usually just copy the predominant color of the visual style I normally use.. but I thought the key was to make it a bitmap and apply the pink color to get transparency, but when I tried that it wouldn't work and it showed a pink box around it.

    Thank you,


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