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  1. Why would it be ilegal! it free to download anyway the updates are free, and the released iso' (updated) would also be a

    Securty Issue benifit as well with all the latest Securty updates for that time period!

    If wincert do this ill certanly contribute, once i sell the wife to the highest bidder.

    Its a fantastic idea! The only other thing is what options wll we have regarding who we download from!

    Best o luck on this!

    h one other thing, f this is for sbscribers only, how can every user in the world download it! To quote

    "The only reason we want it to be for subscribers only is so that every user in the world can download it and then

    crash the server."

  2. @Simpuhl It took 16 hours for one Win 7 installation disk? I don't feel so bad now. Hardly seems worth the effort if it takes that long.

    P.S. Does anyone happen to know the silent switches that will allow .NET 4.5 to install? I tried /silent /norestart but after running my image through Virtual Box, It wasn't installed.

    have you tried the /y switch i have a silent v4.5!
  3. Hello,

    I trying for the first time to intergrate updates into a Windows 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate installation.

    Only the results are red. Is this ok?


    I have downloaded the updates with WIndows Updates Downloader.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Maybe the updates are corrupted!
  4. I mean Home edition, Home Premium, Pro, and Ultimate. All versions get the same error. And I've tested on 3 different machines to make sure it was not the PC.

    It seems there's another thread on this, and it's most likely an update causing the problem, but not sure which one yet.

    Yep, ok on the clarification (big word for me! :noexpression: ), i thought i was going mad! gone back to RT 7 at the mo messing around!
  5. With RT 7 Lite, I drop the WIM file to 1.204 GB. With the Booster, I drop it to 0.984 GB. My WIM file is Windows 7 Ultimate N w/SP1 x64 English.

    Thats dammed good! It sounds like the Perfect Windows 7 x64 gaming "OS" with all the crap removed!

    I am still in the learning stages, i have used Rt 7 before to integrate updates and remove languages ect, but

    thats about it!

    It would be gret to have a xbox/ps3 style gaming frontend/os!

  6. @Muffy

    In the past two couple of days ASUS upgraded drivers for their MBO's

    For my Asus P8Z77-V LE Plus MBO all drivers are now stable and out of beta. As I can see I only miss USB 3.0 drivers for now.

    Check the Asus site, stable drivers for your MBO are probably already released.


    Thanks for the info there, iv just checked for my mobo but they still say beta! Cheers.
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