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  1. SVCPACK Addon Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleanup Service 1.6g

    The User Profile Hive Cleanup service helps to ensure user sessions are completely terminated when a user logs off


    url: http://ge.tt/api/1/files/6rRMYwc/0/blob?download
    size: 264 KB
    MD5: BA63A9A238F8EAEA02BD72B80C8E1528
    date: 14/09/2010

  2. [inf.]AddOn MyDefragPowerGUI Intl.

    MyDefragPowerGUI, that used to be known as JkDefragGUI, is a graphic user interface that has been specifically designed for MyDefrag, the powerful free defrag application.

    This application stand out because it offers the user an intuitive interface from which to access all the interesting features of MyDefrag, like defrag your hard drives when it detects that the computer isn't being used or the one that is called SpaceHogs, that moves the biggest and least used files towards the end of the file system, so that it speeds up the operating systems performance

    Includes MyDefrag, Ccleaner and other tools.

    site: http://www.wieldraaijer.nl/


    MD5: C8969DEEA48A1AE69F8F847B795D3FD9
    Size: 5,99 MB
    url.: http://www.sendspace.com/file/awpgsa

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