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  1. um no not the wrench i can access the options fine but....um to use an example in the gadget gallery the bar that says all gadgets and u can switch it to recently installed gadgets by clicking and highlighting another option and clicking again or um using the CPU Utilization gadget to change the setting u click the wrench and when the options window opens the windows...i'll just use a pic to explain 93509952.png

    also no i do not have tool tip

  2. thanks to rick i got to install the sidebar and it works great

    i only have one problem TT.TT none of the drop-down menus (i think that's what they're called...the menus with the small down arrow on the rightside of a white bar that when u click give you more options to click...) work for me, i click them but they don't drop down

    does anyone know a way to fix it?

    also, thanks again rick for your help before

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