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  1. Improve】 【taskbar can now lock any program, before the lock can only be part of the procedure;

    【ADD】 mouse to the icon on the taskbar, there are dynamic effects;

    【Improve the "system" menu more easy to operate;

    【Aero Diamond );

    【ADD】 new Aero Diamond theme (not just change the maximize, minimize and close buttons);

    【ADD】 "personality" of settings you can change the login screen in the background;

    Aero Glass

    【ADD】 Right menu by adding the effect of Aero Glass;

    【Improve】 【default folder color has been changed from the early light blue;

    System Performance 【ADD】 support one-click upload photos, documents, video and so on, is to support the Image Shack and Facebook; (right-click the file and click "Upload", it will automatically be uploaded to your designated site, after the completion of show the link.) System Performance

    NTFS WinFS ; NTFS】 【improve WinFS has been replaced by (very early, but were bound by non-disclosure agreement);

  2. The reason I did not patch this file with Viso was because if you do you will get a asms error during 1st part of the XP gui setup, the file is comctl32.dll and the path is:


    Like I said patch it after windows is installed, make some kinda replacement addon or something (this is very hard to do I have tried)

    Best to use Restorator and apply a .res file with the bitmaps...this way file prottection will not restore it

    It did patched correctly comctl32.dll , I'm using XPtsp, only those bitmaps are not not displayed in some open windows. And yes, file protection is disabled.


    I was right about bitmap 400 in wiaacmgr.exe , connected my digital camera and the image was short as well. And I think it doesnt matter if you use same image for both...dialogs are the same for camera and scanner in wizard window.

    bitmap 400 - camera

    bitmap 603 - scanner

    I found 2 more things that needs to be fixed, i"ll post them soon.

  3. yeah i know about this,ie8 draws the new dialog box just short of the avi and it does that,no idea why, i guess if there was a way to offset the location of the new window it could easely be fixed.

    Oh, ok...I don't use IE at all, so no big deal for me ;)

    ...found another one though :P

    When I tried to use my scanner I noticed the bitmap 603 in wiaacmgr.exe is kinda short...since there is another one 605 (for camera wizard), I fixed them both. I dont have a camera with me, so I'm not 100% sure about that. I can only assume it would look the same.

    oh....I think it goes for bitmap 400 as well.



  4. 470617989.png

    I'm the winner !!! :thumbsup_anim:

    BUT .....

    I'm driving on the highway, 75 mph in North Nevada (mountains) right and believe me...its nothing around here :) ...closest City is the Salt Lake City in Utah - about 250 miles behind me and one in front of me is Reno, Nevada - 340 miles (I'm heading west), so I'm in the middle of fu***ng nowhere !!! but still getting signal on my wireless broadband card. Once I get close to Reno I'll check my speed and post it again.

    No, I wont be gambling today :naughty:

    reason for editing - typo (****, I'm driving) :P

    oh, and I found this in my bookmarks - cable connection at home (old screen shot but still close to that, maybe even better now)


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