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  1. Many Thanks Rick for all the hard work on the AddOn and a special Thanks to Raphael for his hard work :) :thumbsup_anim:

    Rick...do I need to uninstall the older version of the Sidebar first ???

    Don't need to re patch the sidebar...everything is working fine only the Weather channel gadget doesn't shows any temperature :thumb_yello:

    Wowsy need to remake my VPack.zip with all that new stuff :)

    Thanks guys for all that hard work :thumbsup_anim:

  2. Aha, ok, I wait to Monday :rolleyes:

    Off Topic: The FastAero 0751d it's original app. FastAero 0751 + my special modified skin + simple installer

    Link for English Installer : http://www.badongo.com/file/3937347

    Screen's : (first - original, second - my modification (it is old 0751c version)


    Version's Story :

    +0751 original version

    +0751b first modified version

    +0751c second modified version

    +0751d - last version of my modification

    Next version - probably next week

    A creator original is "fastxero" but his page http://fastaero.wordpress.com/ is not active . I don't know, why.....

    I dl your last version and it looks pretty need.....only one thing I don't like....it overlaps the taskbar and this doesn't looks good :icon_rolleyes:

  3. Awesome, incredible and magnificent....This guy is amazing and out of words....had to listen to this song 5 times because not only the song but the performance are extra ordinary :thumbsup_anim:

    I love this one :thumb_yello:

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